back to article Hey Presto! Teradata admits its vision is dead by hooking QueryGrid analytics platform up to rival data warehouses

Enterprise data warehouse stalwart Teradata has capped a difficult year with an update to Teradata QueryGrid, which promises to connect customers to a vast array of new data sources – a decidedly underwhelming move, according to some. Teradata has partnered with Starburst Data to integrate a new Presto connector so that users …

  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    It always suffered from...

    Another inconvenient feature is that it absolutely requires continuous care and feeding by skilled and experienced Teradata types[1], who know and care which, what and how to add/configure as it expands. The alternative is something that looks more and more like a massively overpriced disk array as time goes on.

    As a very wise man once told me; Ask anyone in any business what their largest overhead is. If the answer isn't "payroll", they're either an idiot or lying.

    [1] Who, when it was trendy, looked and felt like Storage Admins, but were paid in sacks of gold doubloons.

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