back to article Huawei and top Chinese AI startup accused of building 'Uyghur alarm' facial recognition scanner for govt

Huawei, already sanctioned by the US for helping the Chinese government crack down on Uyghur muslims, built facial recognition software to surveil the ethnic group and alert authorities whenever a positive match was detected, it's claimed. The company collaborated with AI startup Megvii to test a camera system that predicts …

  1. Danny 2 Silver badge

    Dzungar genocide

    I surf Wikipedia and learned this last night. The Uyghurs were among the tribes and nations recruited by the Chinese to destroy the Dzungars, formerly the abusive overlords of the Uyghurs.

    "the Qing victory was, in a certain sense, a victory for Islam".

    Okay, so nobody could ever trust historical allies, but technology amplifies power to the point / risk of total domination.

    1. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Re: Dzungar genocide

      Or as Schlock Mercenary would say "Maxim #29: The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy. No more. No less."

      1. Danny 2 Silver badge

        Re: Dzungar genocide

        Hiya Gene,

        We all have to execute a few folk to establish the emperor's awesomeness.

        Mao Wenlong was reported to Ming authorities by Joseon for cowardice and treachery. Mao began acting independently and minted his own coins in 1628, while conducting illicit trading in contravention of Ming law. He was caught by Yuan Chonghuan in 1629 and executed for smuggling on 24 July, 1629. Yuan reported the death of Mao Wenlong to the Joseon court, stating that it had been done to "properly establish the emperor's awesomeness."

        Sorry, I'm deep mining Wikipedia for cool quotes. It's my bitcoin.

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      1. IGotOut Silver badge

        Re: Dzungar genocide

        These bots are getting almost coherent.

      2. BrownishMonstr

        Re: Dzungar genocide

        It seems you have forgotten to mention our yearly Muslamic Convention. You know, the one where us Muslims plan how to piss the world off and how to take it over.

        You know the one, it's just before the yearly Husband/Boyfriend convention, where us guys plan how to piss our wives and girlfriends off. Why do you think us Muzzies were always early for it? It wasn't just because we're eager for the convention.

        Also, us Muslims are all half lizard people, just to add to the Icke-crazy.

        1. Danny 2 Silver badge

          Re: Dzungar genocide

          I just got a long anti-Islamic screed from my Arabic Parisian pal. He's a professor at the Sorbonne, teaching Arabic, ancient Arabic and Arabic literature. He speaks 27 languages but not English, so he's put it through Google Translate which has mangled most meaning.

          His family moved to Paris from Algeria after his communist grandfather shot an imam. Which is dark, but he told me a lovely story. He and his brother asked their father why they couldn't go to the mosque with all the other children. "Your mother is our god, and to worship any other god would be blasphemous."

          He insisted I went to the Latin-quarter mosque, though he wouldn't go in because he didn't feel safe. It was a beautiful building, nicer than most cathedrals.

          He visited me in Scotland when I had excruciating toothache. We spent the time drinking whisky and used dictionaries to translate ancient atheist Arab poetry into English for the first time. I think the Arabs wrote more poems praising alcohol than even the Celts.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: Dzungar genocide

            I find it difficult to make sense of your post, but French second-generation people tend to have a massive complex of "not belonging" and all too often try to be more catholic than the Pope. One way or another: some go all Bin Laden on things, others go all Le Pen.

            This doesn't apply just to North Africans of course, Sárközy Miklós is another outstanding example of this phenomenon.

            1. Danny 2 Silver badge

              Re: Dzungar genocide

              My mate is a soixante-huitard, a devotee of Jean Paul Satre. If he is an extremist then he's an existentialist extremist.

          2. onemark03 Bronze badge

            I think the Arabs wrote more poems praising alcohol than even the Celts.

            Pity they stopped.

            1. Danny 2 Silver badge

              Re: I think the Arabs wrote more poems praising alcohol than even the Celts.

              They didn't all stop.

              Donne-moi la flûte et chante,

              l'immortalité se cache dans une mélodie

              et même lorsque nous périrons

              la flûte continuera de se lamenter.

              T'es-tu jamais réfugié dans la forêt

              loin de ces endroits, comme je l'ai fait,

              as-tu suivi le cours des torrents

              et grimpé sur les rochers ?

              T'es-tu jamais baigné dans un parfum

              et séché avec une lumière

              as-tu bu l'aube comme du vin

              raréfié dans les bols d'éther ?

              Alors donne-moi la flûte et chante,

              la meilleure prière est la chanson

              et même lorsque la vie périra

              la flûte continuera de se lamenter.

              As-tu passé une soirée

              comme je l'ai fait, parmi les vins

              où les franges dorées des chandeliers

              pendent vers la terre?

              As-tu dormi une nuit sur l'herbe

              avec l'espace comme ton plaid,

              ignorant l'avenir,

              oubliant le passé?

              Alors donne-moi la flûte et chante,

              dans le chant il y a de la justice pour l'âme

              et même lorsque toute faute périra

              la flûte continuera de se lamenter.

              Donne-moi la flûte et chante,

              oublie la maladie et son antidote,

              les gens ne sont que des sillons

              à la surface de l'eau.

              - Gibran Khalil Gibran

            2. Danny 2 Silver badge

              Re: I think the Arabs wrote more poems praising alcohol than even the Celts.

              Abandon worship in the mosque and shrink

              From idle prayer, from sacrificial sheep,

              For Destiny will bring the bowl of sleep

              Or bowl of tribulation——you shall drink.


              Lo! there are many ways and many traps

              And many guides, and which of them is lord?

              For verily Mahomet has the sword,

              And he may have the truth—perhaps! perhaps!

              Now this religion happens to prevail

              Until by that religion overthrown,—

              Because men dare not live with men alone,

              But always with another fairy-tale.

              Religion is a charming girl, I say;

              But over this poor threshold will not pass,

              For I may not unveil her, and alas!

              The bridal gift I can’t afford to pay.

              You strut in piety the while you take

              That pilgrimage to Mecca. Now beware,

              For starving relatives befoul the air,

              And curse, O fool, the threshold you forsake.

              ~ Abu al-Alaa al-Maarri, The Unacceptable Poet

  2. Richocet

    Sundar Pichai insults engineering

    His apology letter has me seeing red with his references to "Engineering Culture". Pichai is referring to his idea of the culture at Google.

    Engineering culture is about being honest, and accurate, don't cover up flaws and weaknesses. Ask for and accept peer review. Continuous improvement.

    The Boeing 737-MAX is the perfect example of where Google-style engineering culture was substituted for professional engineering culture - and the result was planes falling from the sky and many deaths.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As far as poor excuses go

    The lifetime achievement winner is…

    > Huawei said it was "simply a test"

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: As far as poor excuses go

      "better than all the rest"

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