back to article How much is automating customer comms in a time of COVID worth to Cisco? Almost three quarters of a billion dollars in a pure cash deal, apparently

US networking giant Cisco has agreed to buy London-based cloud comms business IMImobile in a $730m (roughly £550m) all-cash deal. Shares in the AIM-listed IMImobile soared 47.33 per cent to 593p on the news, from yesterday’s close of 402.5p. On its website, IMImobile says it: “provides cloud communications software and …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Up the stack

    Networking hardware (and compute) is becoming more like commodity. The cash cow of comms kit is thinning out so they need to move up the chain and provide services. Similar to BTs ginormously expensive foray into subscription TV (or at least premier league football) which has proved of dubious benefit.

  2. jake Silver badge

    Easier, cheaper solutions exist.

    "Cisco said it will be able to sell businesses an end-to-end customer interaction management tool, which will drive “faster and smarter customer interactions.”"

    I have one of those at my elbow as I type. It's an early 1950s Western Electric Model 500 rotary dial telephone.

  3. Phil Kingston

    "faster and smarter customer interactions" So a chatbot on their site that can't even get the basics of your query?

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