back to article Windows on Wheels is back, though the truck has come to a standstill, much like the OS

Bork is on wheels yet again as we visit Ireland and a very unhappy bit of mobile signage. Followers of Microsoft's flagship operating system and its habit of falling over without warning might remember February 2020's excursion into the world of Windows on Wheels and the inevitable black cab BSOD. Not to be outdone, the …

  1. MarkET

    Hello boys!


  2. lglethal Silver badge

    Judging by the lack of grass under the Truck it looks like its been there a while.

    The BSOD probably almost as long...

    1. englishr

      You wouldn't want it moving much, if it has a bad driver.

    2. logicalextreme

      Yeah, I get the idea of having a billboard on a truck (insofar as I understand marketing at all, that is); just not if you're gonna leave it in one place for a year and a half.

      1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

        I doubt it's been there for all that long. It seems to have all it's wheels although it seems Windows is broken :-)

  3. Xalran

    Not moving truck

    Edit : Damn beaten on the grass point

  4. vtcodger Silver badge

    What Problem?

    What's the problem? Just follow instructions. Contact your Sysadmin. In a few hours (or days or months or years) the situation will be set right.

    Or not.

  5. chuckufarley Silver badge

    Maybe the drivers...

    ...just wanted their own Stop Sign.

  6. NuffSed?

    Never had this myself

    I have Win10 on 2 desktops and 4 notebooks, Funny enough I've not had the death screen once! Seen it plenty of times elsewhere though!

    To be honest, my wife thinks Win10 is brilliant - she can boot to any device, do her thing then shut down. She's chuffed to bits that her work is always available on all the devices and especially her own desktop and notebook.

    She says this version of Windows is the best ever - better than Win8.1 her machines came with.

    So, should I (re-)tell her that all the machines (she has been using for the last 5-ish years) dual boot to Linux Mint by default and that is what she is using not Win10? Please bare in mind the adage "happy wife happy life" - and yes, she was told about it years ago - I just gave up correcting her,

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Never had this myself

      Nice testimonial, bro.

  7. Warm Braw

    Can't be for lack of cooling, judging by the size of the case fan.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not unusual for this company

    Having had the pleasure of sub contracting for the firm that runs these screens i can tell you it’s through lack of maintenance.

    They also operated the totem screen that was on El Reg last week in Peterborough.

    My company was contracted ad-hoc with looking after the totem screens across the UK and actively monitoring them and fixing if required.

    eight months in to a six month contract they stopped paying and cancelled the contract.

    They never got serviced as the costs was not factored in by them, every single thing was done as cheaply as possible.

    Most of the sites were hand downs from VMG group and passed through seven ad companies until they just fell in to dis-repair.

    Anon for obvious reasons

    1. vtcodger Silver badge

      Re: Not unusual for this company

      They never got serviced as the costs was not factored in by them, every single thing was done as cheaply as possible.

      So -- run by folks with real, actual, MBA degrees practicing what they learned in school?

  9. Barking mad

    It's an Apple ad

    I had a "please insert disk into drive A:" message on my Windows 8.1 Phone once.

    1. dcline1701

      Re: It's an Apple ad

      Nice. About on par with Windows 8.1 telling me that it can't use my bluetooth headphones because they're not plugged in.

    2. Daniel M

      Re: It's an Apple ad

      Were you in MS-DOS Mobile ?

      1. Barking mad

        Re: It's an Apple ad

        I did! Great fun if not very useful.

  10. jake Silver badge

    Hey, you kids!

    Git yer b0Rken toy orf me lawn!

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