back to article AWS adds a ‘Would you like services with that?’ option to its software Marketplace

Amazon Web Services has added the chance to purchase third-party professional services to its online software Marketplace. Any services you purchase will appear on the same bill AWS sends you for cloud consumption and software licenced through the Marketplace. Sellers of services will get whatever their customers pay, minus an …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    Buyer Beware

    This is a way for Amazon to make a 35% or more margin on third party services which may or may not be off shored.

    They want a slice of the pie and more of your money.

    A good way to get around your company's procurement process which is already FUBAR'd.

  2. TeeCee Gold badge

    Can't be long now...

    "AWS Prime". This will give you the ability to pick from a wide range of additional services at no cost, you just pay a fixed fee monthly.....whether you use any of them or not.

    Every billing cycle you'll have to jump through hoops to not sign up for it.

  3. Robert Grant

    I wonder if contractors could sign up to sell services directly. What's the IR35 view on that?

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