back to article COVID-19 coronavirus captive coders create copious code, claims GitHub: Open-source projects mushroom amid pandemic

It was the best of times for software developers, it was the worst of times for everyone else. GitHub, in its annual data dump known as the State of the Octoverse, revealed on Wednesday that COVID-19 has been good for quarantine-oriented activities like writing code. Software developers, the biz found, have created 35 per cent …

  1. Blackjack Silver badge

    Even in day one of lockdown, drug stores still stayed open, at least in most places of the world.

    Heck their sales have even gone up during this pandemic.

    I wonder if the increase in (legal) drug sales is related to this?

  2. Tom 38 Silver badge

    PR merge times

    It took 10hrs for a PR I submitted to an open source project last week to get through Travis CI - I think that whilst Github can cope with more repos + code, the downstream providers of stuff to open source projects can't similarly scale up. Looking at the Travis system metrics, we're now having days where the backlog of open source builds is >10k, and it also looks like the number of active builds for open source is dropping.

    That's going to take time :/

  3. LovesTha

    Decrease in time to merge can come from workers not working until the merge request comes in. Some of the gains can be workers working when there is productive work to be done instead of waiting for work.

  4. spireite Bronze badge

    Typescript error reduction disappointing

    I don't do JS, (and ergo, not TypeScript), but if the article says that TypeScript (in 2017) reduced bugs by 15%, isn't that a surprisingly low figure? What's the current figure?

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