back to article Hacker given three years for stealing secret Nintendo Switch blueprints, collecting child sex abuse vids

A young man caught hacking into Nintendo’s servers to steal secret Switch blueprints has been sentenced to three years in prison after ignoring an FBI warning to stop. According to court documents [PDF] Ryan Hernandez of Palmdale, California, is now 21 though in 2016, while a minor, he requested help on a Nintendo forum. An …

  1. DavCrav

    You have to admire the genius of the man. Having been caught by the FBI already, he continued to do exactly the same thing, and in a cunning plan, posted the deeds on the Internet under his own name.

    1. David Austin

      May have a promising career ahead of him as an eBay executive

    2. onemark03

      You have to admire the genius of the man.


      He was quite simply still young enough and dumb enough to believe that he was bullet-proof and that nothing would ever happen to him.

      With any luck he will leave prison having grown up a bit.

    3. Flexdream

      ' The judge recommended Hernandez be placed in “a Bureau of Prisons facility for inmates with cognitive challenges.” '

  2. JCitizen

    cognitive challenges

    I wonder if this individual was autistic; idiot savant much?

    1. mholland

      Re: cognitive challenges

      That was my first thought on reading this article

  3. Claptrap314 Silver badge

    I thought possession of KP was a crime...

    Three year sentence, with time off for good behavior looks like 18 months or less. And that was before certain governors started springing open the prison doors "because COVID".

    Yeah, yeah. The sex offender thing is going to suck. But nothing compared to being the fried chicken yourself.

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