back to article Are You Experienced? Microsoft packs up features developed independent of OS to flash at Windows Insiders

The modularisation of Windows 10 continued this week as Microsoft popped a batch of potentially standalone components into a seperate Windows Feature Experience Pack. Initially available to Beta Channel Windows Insiders running 20H2 build 19042.662, the pack contains bits of Windows 10 that are developed independently of the …

  1. quxinot


    Waiting for the "good experience" pack, myself.

  2. Dwarf


    Do they forget that Bad Experiences are also a thing.

    People have long memories and surely Microsoft have run out of feet now ?

    1. WolfFan Silver badge

      Re: Marketing

      MS is a millipede. And regrows feet as necessary.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Hendrix reference, didn't read the article, went directly to the comment section.

    "Ah! Have you ever been experienced?

    Well, I have."

    1. gerryg

      Re: Jimi

      One good thing to come out of Seattle.

  4. Terafirma-NZ


    a pack - why can't they just be apps on the store. Is their store so bad even they don't use it or is it simply they just can't handle the idea that something could be optional.

    I see random store apps and games still show up after a new enterprise build. Cleaned thanks only to community cleanup scripts.

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