back to article That other controversial Chinese telco: The FCC rejects ZTE's petition against its 'national security threat' designation

The US Federal Communications Commission has rejected a petition [PDF] from controversial Chinese teleco kit maker ZTE asking the agency to reconsider whether it should be deemed a national security threat. Although the US has long held a chilly disposition towards ZTE, things reached a particularly low point in June, when the …

  1. EnviableOne Silver badge

    they may have a point with ZTE

    ZTE are woeful, there corporate attitude sucks, their board imploded, their kit is cheap and kinda works.

    They have been prosecuted successfully, before the Cheeto turned up, for breaking international sanctions, and have had some high profile holes.

    ZTE are still actually part owned by the chinese state, unlike huawei, and can be directly controlled as through two state-owned corporations they own 48.5% of ZTE stock and can appoint 5 out 9 board members.

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