back to article India PM calls on nation's youth to 'vaccinate digital products against cyber-attacks and viruses'

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called on the nation's technology industry to start designing products for the world, and for youth to create new digital defences. In a speech to the Bengaluru Tech Summit, a major Indian tech event, Modi opened by saying: "Today, I am glad to say that Digital India is no longer being …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Stop Press ...... The Dawning of a New Age ..... Heralding Virtual Eras *

    And as many have made big bets on China, the policy was also a way for India to needle its rival.

    Others in India and China might recognise and equally equate such radical sweeping developments as a novel opportunity for Future JOINT Virtual Enterprises in Fields of Common Greater Good Interest/Mutually Beneficial Positively Reinforcing Reward. They obviously be the More Worldsly Wise SMARTR Ones.

    The PM also dropped a policy hint, stating: “A sound data governance framework is also our priority.”

    Is that PMSpeak for Effective Official Secrets Acts to Try Prevent and Protect All Against Uniquely Exclusive Advantageous Proprietary Intellectual Property Migration and/or Exfiltration or Leakage and its Subsequent Possible Abuse and Misuse in Rich IT and AI Dependent Programs?

    India will not be alone in prioritising mitigations against the effects and consequences of that reality. It is a Universal Dilemma and Enigmatic Problem of Questionable Solution today, but who knows what Answers the Future will bring?

    Bravo, India. The Fuller East appears to have finally discovered it has a Highly ACTive Collective Communal MoJo all of its Own for the Making and Taking which does not require Western Input/Output/Feeds/Leads in Order to Almightily Succeed.

    Fake News, El Reg? Or Novel Information for Journalistic Investigation, Intelligence Acquisition via Surreal Inquisition?

    * And Newfangled Entanglements for an AI Singularity with Remote Operations and RobotICQ Operands is what is on Offer further along the Roads of that Enlightening Route. What's not to like and be terrified of or terrorised by?

  2. Scott Broukell

    It would be better to concentrate national efforts on upgrading India's highway infrastructure first, I mean that is his name after all - Now Mend the Rodi

    1. Martin Summers Silver badge

      Doing something about the sharp contrast between the richest and poorest people in their land is probably more pressing. It may be an ignorant statement for me to make from the little I know of India but it seems they're cherry picking the nicest parts of a modern society without including the rest of society with it in any way.

      1. Intractable Potsherd Silver badge

        Yep. Perhaps if they do it, they can teach Westminster how to do the same ("... a pound spent in Croydon...")

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