back to article Dell joins the 'fast object storage revolution'

Dell Technologies has unveiled its first all-flash object storage appliance - as good an indication as any that flash object storage has hit the mainstream. The performance jump between disk and flash is huge, and Dell claims the new ECS EXF900 is so fast that it can be used for AI, machine learning, IoT, analytics and cloud- …

  1. Peter-Waterman1

    What a load of Crap

    Organisations are realising the advantages object offers - scalability, flexibility, API-driven cloud-native architectures

    How does buying a bunch of tin offer you scalability and API Driven Cloud-Native Architectures

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: What a load of Crap

      Can you say enterprise cloud?

    2. Lars Silver badge

      Re: What a load of Crap

      This was all about speed, personally I am still worried about the life span when thinking of replacing hard drives on my laptops.

      1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

        Re: What a load of Crap

        When someone offers massive increase in speed or whatever I always wonder what's being traded off for it.

    3. dgeb

      Re: What a load of Crap

      Scalability in that you add nodes in a single namespace to scale storage capacity out, rather than the relatively complex mechanisms to make a single block store really big.

      Taking about cloud native application architecture also seems fair, as this is about exposing storage in the same way as public cloud platforms do.

      It is less clear how many on-prem deployments would really benefit from that, though - it makes sense if you are migrating an application towards the cloud, or in some relatively niche things like HPC where there is a need for a very large+fast single pool of storage - but I don’t see a more general use case that is compelling.

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