back to article China-linked hacking gang ‘APT10’ named as probable actor behind extended attacks on Japanese companies

Broadcom’s security subsidiary Symantec has named a China-linked hacking gang known as “APT 10” and “Cicada” as the probable source of a year-long attack on Japanese interests around the world. Symantec’s analysis of the campaign detailed how APT 10 used custom malware named Backdoor.Hartip, plus more prosaic methods such as …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Could we just cut China's internet from the rest of the world until they learn to behave?

    Oh, but that's right. Harris/Biden will be too busy sucking up to the CCP to think about correcting their behavior.

  2. DoctorNine

    Oh my. What a shocker.

    Perhaps James 68 would like to explain how objecting to this sort of behavior from China is racism or something.

  3. W.S.Gosset Silver badge

    I am shocked, shocked I say

    In unrelated news, China sent Australia a letter this week comprising a list of outrages committed against China by Australia, all of which need to be rectified before China will consider reversing its breaches of our Free Trade Agreement. And when I say "breaches", we're talking at least a coupla billion dollars, so far. And increasingly strident threats to ramp it up sharply.

    All of its many bullet-points could be equivalently copypaste-replaced with "You dared to object when we shat on you."


    Except for one point which reads "You dared to object when we shat on someone else."

  4. W.S.Gosset Silver badge

    Wondering... a larger Strategic oddity

    Taking a _big_ step back and looking wider and longer :

    Is there something major going on inside China, in terms of threat to the CCP?

    Such that the CCP is doing the usual theatrical-display-vs-outsiders thing to distract/diffuse/defuse?

    ... I have been increasingly struck by the sheer and peculiar exponentialness of the recent years' increase in China's antagonism and aggression.

    I do not see any real-world elevation of internal economic capability, let alone military, to support the necessary end-result if the current trajectory continues. Which is war. And by its actions: war vs multiple countries. Which it can only lose, albeit at horrific cost to all involved. (Vs far worse cost to all non-China "participants" if they _don't_ respond.)

    Yet I'm struggling to think of a Western country or Western-allied country or a simply geographically near country, which has not been increasingly aggressively threatened or even invaded in the last year or so.

    Eg, Australian uni students physically attacked by plainclothes PLA on campus (~300 est., although only a handful physically decked students), Chinese "embassy staff" attacking a Taiwanese trade delegation in Fiji just this week and hospitalising one of them, threatening Sweden with "the shotgun" if they continued to act independently, completing 2 full naval bases under the auspices of the BRI and taking possession of them both in Sri Lanka and Djibouti ie China's main trade & military supply sea-route (incidentally, BRI means the host country borrows money from China to pay China to build it)(not a joke), running Antarctica-grade ice breakers dressed up as Coast Guard through multiple countries' ships in their own territorial waters, another invasion of India on top of the recent one you've probably heard of, atolls seized in several countries' territories and militarised and now provisioned with long-range missiles, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, USA, Canada, all publicly threatened in the last year just off the top of my head (although I got the heads-up re Sri Lanka's port being built no-good-for-cargo but excellent-for-military from the Freight Traders' industry journals in about 2012... hmm)

    But still, the recent escalation --and pace and degree of escalation, in rhetoric and aggressive antagonistic actions-- by China is way past its 40+ yr strategy's* pace of progression.

    Like something's coming to a head.

    Or something's happening internally, and ROTW is being used as theatrical backdrop for some internal struggle.

    I hope for and suspect the latter. But looking over similar history, I'm not hugely hopeful.

    1. W.S.Gosset Silver badge

      Re: Wondering... a larger Strategic oddity

      * if you have done no deep-dives on first-person accounts in/by China, and want to save yourself decades of digging, you can get an excellent short sharp & nasty look behind the curtain at a relatively recent example, focussing on the Tiananmen Square protests-then-killings-then-clampdown, via single book: "Prisoner of the State" by Zhao Ziyang, then #1 in China (in theory -- it was all blown up by #2 (Premier) as part of #2's (successful) bid to be #1).

      ("Interestingly"/chillingly, if you talk to any recent Chinese emigrant, they will literally and utterly have no idea what you're talking about. Hong Kongese know all about it, but the Chinese standing next to them will roll their eyes and smile indulgently or angrily and say "Western stories -- they're not real.")

      Zhao Ziyang was head of the CCP but got rolled out and into permanent house arrest. The book is actually just a transcription of tapes he made, copied, and distributed to friends, on the qv. Writing was too dangerous -- his house was routinely searched until his death.

      "Interestingly", there is no material cultural/behavioural difference between his words and first person stuff I've read that's 1,000yrs old and more. Same patterns, same mindsets.

      1. W.S.Gosset Silver badge

        Re: Wondering... a larger Strategic oddity

        PS a telling point re CCP's attitude vs the West, is Zhao Ziyang's description of what suddenly re-inflamed the protesters and students, from calming down to incandescent and out of control.

        The Premier/#2 gave a major public speech to them. And spoke to them "like they were Westerners". They exploded in violent destructive riots, because they objected to being "lied to and deceived".

        Note that Zhao Ziyang regarded their reaction as obvious and automatic and indeed entirely reasonable based on a senior CCP person talking to them like they were Westerners. No one likes to be lied to or deceived. So blatantly!

        This was the 80s.

        The _80s_.

        This attitude to the West was that entrenched and whole-country-understood at a profound level, by the 80s.


        If this is news to you, you may not be living in the world you think you are.

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