back to article Micro Focus shares up almost 30% as revenue decline less than expected in fiscal 2020

Shares in London Stock Exchange-listed Micro Focus are up by almost 30 per cent this morning after sales declines seen across the organisation slowed in the second half of its fiscal '20 ended 31 October. A collection of fragmented legacy software assets, Micro Focus was nine months into a three-year turnaround strategy – as …

  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Take a moment. A multi Billion $ UK based software company.

    Not a phrase you see very often.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Micro Focus is in an interesting position.

    Vertica isn't dead yet.

    Could compete against Snowflake.

    They could also parley their relationship w HPE into some deals and opportunities as well.

    I should post this anon but F' it.

    What I am saying isn't that controversial unless you're a fan of Snowflake.

  3. Griffo

    Additional Revenue

    I wonder which bucket they are writing audit fines to? They seem to have been on a bit of a COBOL licensing audit spree lately. I'm sure that helps fill the coffers.

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