back to article Heads up: A new strain of card-skimming Grelos malware is on the loose

A new offshoot of the Grelos card-skimming malware - a common Magecart variant - is doing the rounds, according to infosec biz RiskIQ. The latest strain described by RiskIQ contains "a rehash" of the original code first seen in 2015-16, consisting of a loader and a skimmer, "both of which are base64 encoded five times over." …

  1. aregross

    Hard or Soft?

    A skimmer or a screen scraper? A skimmer indicates a hardware component.

    1. JCitizen

      Re: Hard or Soft?

      They've been getting footloose and fancy free with these terms for a while, and now have adopted them, just like when criminal hackers were called crackers, and now criminals are lumped into the same term 'hackers', right along with the white-hats. Just doesn't seem to be a way to stop these loose abuses of the terminology.

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