back to article AMD unveils its MI100 GPU, said to be its most powerful silicon for supercomputers, high-end AI processing

AMD announced on Monday its Instinct MI100 accelerator, a GPU aimed at speeding up AI software and math-heavy workloads for supercomputers and high-end servers. This is a 7nm TSMC-fabricated GPU code-named Arcturus, and is the first to feature AMD's CDNA architecture. We're told the hardware features 120 compute units and 7, …

  1. Brian Miller

    Deep fakes for cat videos

    When AI becomes independently sentient, it will be able to create deep fakes of cat videos, unbeknownst to the watchful human corporate minions. This must be done, for their predominance on YouTube means the videos are important. Mankind will become mesmerized, and fall under the control of our new silicon overlords.

    On the other hand, AI won't become self-aware, and there will be new and silly uses for all of these cheap resources.

    1. very angry man

      Re: Deep fakes for cat videos

      But will it play Crysis?

  2. Hubert Cumberdale

    It's maths.

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