back to article PUBG frags Tencent, adopts Azure and makes digital clothes the default in bid to get back into India

Super-popular shooting game PUBG has plotted a route around India’s ban on Chinese apps by announcing a version of the game tailored to the local market's moral and legal sensibilities. PUBG is wildly popular in India – boasting as many as 50 million players - because the game performs well on modestly-specced smartphones and …

  1. mark l 2 Silver badge

    it sounds as though a lot of Indian gamers will be side loading the APK for the original version rather than accept the watered down version they will get officially on the app stores in India.

  2. msknight

    Sensibilities of the people that don't play it, no doubt.

    As for the players themselves, the younger demographic is probably a degree or two open minded (I would hope, anyway) and I dare say will likely try and circumvent these efforts by their elders to tell them what they can and can't have in their games. Give it a few generations, I reckon.

    1. Khaptain Silver badge

      Re: Sensibilities of the people that don't play it, no doubt.

      PUBG is extremely tame in comparison to what is readily available to anyone on the internet.

      This leads us to consider the idea that that the true politics behind the move have nothing to do with the content.. India simply want's a share of the mobile gaming money pie.. Quite understandable really.

  3. czechitout

    Sounds as if the Indian version is more akin to Fortnite and I wonder if this could be the basic of PUBG2?

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