back to article FCC sucked deeper into partisan politics, Trumpism: Nominated commissioner sparks conflict-of-interest row

The FCC has been sucked further into partisan politics with the nomination of a new commissioner to its panel of five overseers. At a Senate hearing this week investigating whether Nathan Simington should take over the position to be vacated by commissioner Michael O’Rielly in January, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) asked …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ajit Pai : Contemporaneous notes!

    Keep taking those contemporaneous notes when dealing with Trump's various crooked appointees. They'll be useful in protecting yourself from false accusations of involvement, and also permit prosecutions later.

    Be sure to keep complete records, of even the boring stuff. It may seem irrelevant if an Inspector General does a good job, something you wouldn't take a note of, but if that same guy is fired later, for being incompetent, suddenly that note of his competence becomes relevant.

    "Facing difficult questions, Pompeo's scandal defense unravels"

    "Donald Trump fired State Department Inspector General Steve Linick -- late on a Friday night -- because Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asked him to. It wasn't long before this turned into a legitimate scandal: Pompeo was under investigation by the same official he told the president to fire..... Pompeo's central defense: it's "simply not possible for this to be an act of retaliation," he told the Washington Post, because he didn't know he was under investigation....." but he did know, he'd already confirmed as much in writing.

    Pompeo had his little business on the side, whistleblower files complaint. Inspector General asks specific questions about dodgy side stuff to Pompeo, IG is fired by Trump on Pompeo's request. Pompeo lies, says he didn't know he was under investigation. Contemporaneous notes show he not only knew, he'd refused to answer the questions in person.

    This also should be you too Ajit, keep your own notes. You can be damn sure Bill Barr is recording everything, you should too. Trump sacked the Inspector General overseeing the intelligence offices, and the IG overseeing the bailout money, and lots more. There wasn't just 'irregularities' in Pompeo's office, it's widespread across Trump land. It'll come down to 'pin the blame on the others' musical chairs in these last couple of months as the dirtiest of them try to shift the guilt onto others. When the music stops, be sure to have a pile of contemporaneous notes to use as a chair to sit on, Ajit!

    This also goes for "Ensign Trumpettes". Young naive Trump cool-aide drinkers, who suddenly and inexplicably find themselves in a major political role. You know what happens to Ensigns right?

    Contemporaneous notes!

    If he has you dig a hole where you shouldn't be digging a hole, don't be surprised later if he dumps a corpse in the hole and blames you for the murder. This is Trump, he'll pay a man to make a false allegation you did it, and as proof, "why were you digging the hole?" If not to hide the body!" But you'll have detailed notes of each shovel of dirt he asked you to dig out. That's the power of contemporaneous notes!

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Typical Republicans

    Absolutely not doing what they clamored the Democrats to do four years ago.

    Such obvious disregard for tradition, law, the Constitution and basic good behavior is beyond disgusting.

  3. davenewman

    State rural netification

    There is an Internet policy that would win back rural voters to the Democrats. A massive rural netification programme on the scale of the rural electrification programmes like the Tennessee Valley Authority. These would be state run to take back control from the cable companies. Once every rural town can work remotely, they don't have to lose all their young to the big cities.

  4. Joe Gurman

    Net neutrality

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