back to article Compute Express Link glue that binds processors and accelerators hits spec version 2.0... so, uh, rejoice?

The CXL Consortium, a standards body focused on interconnect technology, released the 2.0 version of its Compute Express Link specification today. Introduced in March, 2019, CXL is intended to help connect data center host processors to assorted other devices like accelerators (graphics chips and FPGAs), memory buffers, and …

  1. Sgt_Oddball Silver badge


    Let me this straight, CXL is basically a hybrid of SAS and PCIe in that you can attach suitable device to PCIe and directly address it from a remotely attached server, addressing it in the same sort of way as you would a storage pool on a DAS array.

    I can see a few interesting uses in the home for it too (think 1 highend graphics card available for your frontroom system, upstairs gaming rig and the kids PC).

    Or a group of video editors having a pool of encoding cards to work with depending on workload at that time.

    And that's just for graphics.

  2. Howard Sway

    How new is this?

    This sounds an awful lot like IBM's parallel sysplex technology for sharing resources such as CPUs in clusters which has been around for decades. Presumably it all needs some form of central controller to parcel out the work to these distributed components too, which might start to look rather like a mainframe in these data centres.

  3. HildyJ Silver badge


    So, a year or two to go (figure two, these things never come in early) and then they might have something more than a press release.I'll save any further comments.

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