back to article Sodinokibi/REvil ransomware gang pwns British housing biz via suspected phishing attack

A social housing provider in Norwich, England, has said it was hit with the Sodinokibi ransomware following what it assumes was a successful phishing attack. Flagship Group revealed last night that its systems were compromised by a "cyberattack" on Sunday, 1 November. "Whilst the investigation is still going on we can confirm …

  1. IceC0ld

    "As we have not engaged with the criminals we are not aware of a ransom demand,"

    is this the new - we have backups, so feck off - defence ?


    "However, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, it turns out the criminals can't be trusted and do not delete the data after ransoms are paid."

    SO, the bad guys cannot be trusted .....................

    colour me surprised

    but will this get EVERYONE on board with PROPER backups, and a system that actually TESTS the procedure too please ?

    and looking at the 'victim' here, a social housing group, so they will not have bags of cash around, so I can only surmise they got hit because their network security was lacking ?

    so to back track, it isn't JUST backups that are needed, you really DO need to pull your finger out, and sort out perimeter security too - who knew - feck me

    just to add, if the bad guys are looking to companies of this size, then seriously, ANYONE can be a target, how long will it take to percolate down from the C level people, or should I say percolate UP to the C level people, and get them to understand that IT HAS to have a serious budget for network security in these days

    1. CAPS LOCK

      "a serious budget for network security", well, yes after the budget for...

      ... luxury German saloon cars.

  2. FlamingDeath Silver badge

    It’s terrifying how many “smart people” fall victim to phishing. These are the same people who fall for scareware, and have their passwords set to “Monkey123” on various sites, maybe changing the numbers, they think 2FA is too bothersome, and can’t be bothered to read, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, understand, digest and contextualise an incoming email

  3. EnviableOne

    SOunds like two actors to me

    REvil is a group and Sodinokibi an individual.

    revere it you get:

    I b Ikon I DoS

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