back to article Straighten up the tie pin, dear! Razer slaps on a suit with its totally-not-gaming laptops

Razer's newest laptop line, the Razer Book 13, ditches the FPS chic and beefy discrete GPUs in favour of something more befitting a business environment. With these ultrabooks, Razer claims it's targeting "go-getters, side-hustlers, and spirited entrepreneurs of today’s mobile world," which is a roundabout way of saying " …

  1. Ilsa Loving

    Who would trust them?

    I would never trust a laptop by Razor, especially one to be used for business. Their near endless problems with software and security snafus gives me zero confidence in their ability to execute on a quality product.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I agree I don't trust them, but

    8GB of soldered on RAM and no discreet graphics option is a non-starter anyway. Nothing to see here, just another ultra book.

    Just as well, I'd hate to be tempted to buy a laptop from a company that thought a keyboard should require an internet connected driver to work....

  3. Mike 137 Silver badge

    "8GB isn't really that much"

    Nor is a 256 GB SSD. I can easily fill half a terabyte with work-related stuff in a year.

    Sounds like this is really aimed at managers working in coffee shops rather than "go-getters, side-hustlers, and spirited entrepreneurs" (whatever they are), so self image promoters, not workers.

  4. ovation1357

    Newer CPU tech and smaller form factor notwithstanding, my ThinkPad T520 which is around 8 years old has got a better spec than the base model. Plus it's got a really nice Keyboard.

    I keep looking at replacing it, possibly with something less bulky, but I'm never hugely impressed with the specs and the awful chiclet keyboards and button-less track pads are just a total deal breaker for me.

    I'm starting to think that I'll still be using this machine (or an eBay-sourced identical replacement) in 10 years time.

    1. Alumoi Silver badge

      I just swapped the processor in my Dell M6500 (from i5 to i7) and I'm good for another 10 years also.

      Kids these days don't know what a laptop is if it hits them smack in the face.

      If I need something on the go, my Surface Pro 3 works like a charm, thank you.

      And yes, both run Linux.

  5. Demogenes

    use for business?

    Windows 10(bin) home edition, pardon me but... what business?

    and for specs... yeah what the others said...

  6. gerryg


    Perhaps I've been living in a cave but this neologism seems to have arrived in multiple places all at once. It seems to mean "second job" which I take to mean first job not so hot. It's probably because they think they are "livin' the dream" that they "side hustle" whereas they are merely dreaming so having a laptop that is all fur coat but no knickers is just what they need. Top marketing.

  7. FlippingGerman

    That marketing

    is vomit-inducing. No thanks. I'm not the intended customer anyway, but if I were I still wouldn't - nice design, but they keep screwing up software. LinusTechTips once gave all their employees (perhaps 20 at the time) Razor Blades, and a almost all of them had problems of some sort.

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