back to article Virgin Media had a flat Q3, managed to roll out gigabit internet to 3 million more premises across Northern Ireland and London

Virgin Media added 125,000 premises to its network during the third quarter of 2020, a period for which the Liberty Global-owned telecoms giant posted weaker profits and marginal revenue growth. The broadband provider – which is in the process of merging with Telefónica's O2 mobile network – had pledged to add four million …

  1. ICPurvis47 Bronze badge

    Wot about the Welsh?

    It would be nice if they included Wales in their rollout. About four years ago I moved to a little village on the Welsh border, but Virgin declined to connect me, and tried to charge me £30 "Disconnection Fee". I pointed out that it was not I that wanted disconnection, I would have preferred to continue my account with them. Eventually, we reached a compromise, they would waive the fee and not shut down my email accounts (although one of them has gone TITSUP recently). They flatly refused to use Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) and install their kit in the existing BT box, which is at the crossroads half a mile from me, so I had to join BT in order to get any work done. The nearest Virgin connection I can find is on the outskirts of Shrewsbury, about 15 miles east of me, so the whole of the Welsh Marches are a black hole as far as they are concerned.

  2. NeilPost Silver badge

    Crappy Misleading Headline

    “ Virgin's gigabit-capable network is now available to 6.8 million premises, representing 45 per cent of its network footprint. It estimates it can reach national coverage by the end of next year.”

    So available to 3m more people does not mean 3m additional users. Fairly fundamental journalism.

    What’s the uptake ?? No mention of that?!... funnily enough??

    How much is it/££month too.

    I’m in a supposed VM Gigabit area - only offering me M500 @ £47/month for 18 months and then £67/month after that ... just for the broadband.

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