back to article You might want to look Huawei now: Smartphone market returns to growth as Chinese giant's shipments plunge

Huawei's godawful 2020 continues to worsen, with the Chinese smartphone maker suffering a double-digit drop in shipment volumes globally, according to analysts' preliminary Q3 sales estimates. IDC claimed Huawei's shipments fell 22 per cent year-on-year to 51.9 million units, and Canalys reckoned the company declined 23 per …

  1. tentimes

    Only solution is...

    ... Joe BIden.

    1. DS999

      Re: Only solution is...

      I doubt that will make a lot of difference. It was the US intelligence agencies that decided Huawei was a threat, Trump only got on board later when he found Jinping wasn't a sucker he could bully into a bad deal and decided to start a trade war.

      You can argue over whether there is truth behind the US intelligence assessment or they have ulterior motives, but unlike Trump who believes them when his position of the hour agrees with them and claims they are incompetent when it doesn't, Biden goes along with them. He won't publicly single Huawei out like Trump does, but it isn't like the restrictions on them would be lifted if he's elected unless the intelligence assessment does.

      The main difference it will make is that US state department negotiators will know that the marching orders they are given won't be changed without notice via presidential tweet so they can actually, you know, negotiate.

  2. six_tymes

    they can keep their back doors.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just imagine

    What the outcome would have been if Huawei had actually done something wrong. As in demonstrably wrong.

    Oh wait...

    1. Nathar Leichoz

      Re: Just imagine

      Ha! Huawei will always be in the wrong according to democratic countries simply for abiding by China's laws. Huawei did nothing wrong and is simply following the laws of their incorporated country which requires them to disclose their customer's information in the name of national security. That is why some companies that touch sensitive information are incorporated outside the US in countries like New Zealand or Norway.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And the takeaway for the US is

    Protectionism works, yay!

    Vote Donald.


  5. StrangerHereMyself

    Survival is the goal

    But this goal will not be attained, as the company is most likely to exit the smartphone market within a couple of years and go bankrupt not long after that.

    It will come as a shocking revelation to the Chinese that they're vulnerable to American economic aggression and that any company targeted by the U.S. will quickly fall by the wayside.

    Huawei's bankruptcy will also project badly on the CCP turning this into a political feud.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Survival is the goal

      "...and that any country targeted by the U.S. will quickly fall by the wayside."


      Legalised blackmail isn't right, period.

      You are aware Huawei is a flagship company for China that has done nothing wrong (that has been proven). Imagine the blowback in the US if China had crippled Apple to edge of bankruptcy.

      You better hope that China doesn't take your advice that "might is right" or you might end up sacrificing your young men, and worse, in the not too distant future. But maybe you're looking forward to a nuclear conflict...just to prove your point.

      1. pintofbitter

        Re: Survival is the goal

        Idiot !

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Survival is the goal

          It would be ironic if China took over TSMC as part of their forthcoming re-unification.

    2. IGotOut Silver badge

      Re: Survival is the goal

      Are you sure on that?

      They have their fingers in many areas and they are doing OK in Asia and Africa.

  6. Spanners Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    They need to wait

    If they (and the rest of us) are lucky, people in the USA might elect an adult to replace SCROTUS.

    Huawei won't get away with dodgy behaviour but they have never been found to do that yet. They may be guilty of declining to put back doors in for the NSA, CIA and other criminal groups but I'm fine with that. It's a good selling point.

  7. Oh Homer

    Let's pretend

    Let's pretend that the Yanks' entirely unsubstantiated bullshit has a tiny kernel of truth ... frankly I'd rather be spied on by a Chinese government with zero power to act on whatever it discovers about me, than be spied on by the NSA, extradited without prima facie evidence or even so much as an explanation, then tortured at Guantanamo Bay in violation of the United Nations convention. For example.

    Please explain how China is a greater threat to me than America.

    This was never about security, it was only ever about the US economy.

  8. CrackedNoggin

    If I were Huawei

    If I were Huawei, I would first develop an long term interface for their phones allowing generic OS to load and run (like the pinephone64 is trying to do). Then spread some seed money to start up a couple of independent software companies in the US and/or Europe aiming to take advantage of that hardware platform interface to build new OS and services that can rely on the long term existence of that interface.

    Then they can ship there phones with empty RAM, or some reference implementation of an OS, and the purchaser can load their own choice of free OS, or purchase an OS subscription with updates. Hopefully some of those OS would be privacy oriented. The impact on the market would be far greater than any anti trust action could ever be.

    However, I predict that Huawei will want to control the OS hoping to be like Google but with their own super hardware. So the above scenario will never happen.

  9. pintofbitter

    All good stuff, payback for the Chinese Bug ! Not even a sorry was muttered !

    1. Big_Boomer Silver badge
      Thumb Down

      Not even a sorry?

      Looks like a sorry to me. More than you will ever get from the Tories or from Trump. Besides, this Huawei witchhunt started way before Covid and reeks of protectionism.

  10. Cuddles Silver badge

    Fun with analysts

    "IDC attributed this to... its strong performance in the low-end $250 price segment. This was further bolstered by the release of two high-profile flagships... Samsung also released a cheaper version of the Galaxy S20"

    So Samsung did well because of its strong performance in the low-end segment, it's strong performance in the high-end segment, and it's strong performance in the mid-range segment. Almost as though they just generally did well without any specific segment being responsible. I guess analysts get paid by the word?

    "Xiaomi also performed well, clinching third place from Apple"

    I assume that's actually Xiaomi in fourth and Apple in fifth. And quite possible Samsung and Huawei in second and third, although Samsung might still be top. I don't understand why BBK is always split into separate brand names in these reports.

  11. IGotOut Silver badge

    This is bad news for me.

    Just bought a Mate 20 pro, so will need anew one in 3 or 4 years time, so will need some new models to be released in the next few months.

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