back to article Planet Computers throws Linux fans a bone, improves calls, and adds virty trackpad to Cosmo Communicator

Planet Computers has updated the Debian-based operating system for its Cosmo Communicator PDA to allow users to place calls from the device's second screen. Released last year, the Cosmo Communicator is a modern-day reimagining of the Psion Series 5 PDAs of yore. The device comes with two touch-sensitive displays: a primary …

  1. theOtherJT

    Well, they say that...

    ...but I did this last night and I see no evidence of it actually, well, working. Cover display remains stubbornly off when in Linux.

  2. werdsmith Silver badge

    Shame that Planet are not continuing with Sailfish support, or maybe Jolla are not supporting newer Planet models.

    I'll stick with the Gemini for Sailfish. Still being updated (had another update this month), proper touch-driven interface, has a nice linux shell, runs Python. It's the truer Psion adoptive descendant having been evolved out of Maemo which was a kind of Symbian successor. Had it since the 2017 crowdfunder and still in regular use.

  3. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Hardware problems, poor support

    My Gemini has recently become essentially unusable with the screen simply shutting down every now and then. No updates of any kind since 2018. Planet's business model of trying to finance everything by cashflow is doomed to failure. It's a pity, because the devices are clever and show lots of promise, but it was more or less bound to happen.

  4. krakead

    My Gemini is now pretty much a novelty paperweight. Still works fine, but it was never quite good enough as an everyday phone. Skipped the Cosmo as that came out too soon after the Gemini, but I'm semi-tempted by the Slide, but given the poor support the Gemini's had I don't fancy finding myself in the same position a couple of years down the line.

    1. werdsmith Silver badge

      I never saw the Gemini as a phone replacement, nor any of the subsequent ones. I use it as a very portable laptop with 4G connectivity. I still carry a separate phone. I run exclusively Sailfish, support for the Gemini from Jolla has been very good.

      1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

        That's what I bought mine for. But I had to replace the keyboard twice and still have real issues with the battery running down when the Gemini loses and then can't reestablish the local wifi signal. And now I have problems with the screen. It's still basically a great device but if you need support you'll be in trouble.

    2. Piro Silver badge

      My wife has used a Gemini as her only phone since it launched, as a pre-order, and she's been happy with it. I've also now received a Cosmo that I'll have to configure to replace the Gemini.

      The Gemini still looks as good as when it came years ago, and works just fine. The additional camera isn't great quality, but that was expected.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Shame to see poor support reports here

    I though the concept is exciting, but poor hardware support is a red flag for me.

    Will reconsider now..

  6. I am the liquor

    KDE seems an odd choice for a phone.

    Is their Linux distro updatable through normal channels, or are you dependent on the hardware supplier for kernel updates like with Android?

    1. gerryg

      KDE is targeting all platforms

      Never used it so I have no idea how good it is but the concept has existed for several years

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pictures of you

    (A little off topic but I'm isolating so making my own entertainment.)

    If my assumption that the middle picture in the story (the one not obviously an advert) is actually the product in question is correct, it reminds me of that control in the middle of the table of the conference room that is supposed to make the presenter's device magically display on a screen, or said screen to appear for it. Once such device is located, those that have been in the room before will tactfully/tactically demur to the enthusiasm of those who have not; this will then take at least ten minutes of experimentation and debate, and then usually result in calling in the facilitation staff, who will fix it all in 30 seconds.

  8. Cs11

    Planet Computers posted about an update and made a video regarding an update.....


    Planet loves to post promises that they don't follow through on. I wish you would revise the article to mention there is no actual update as of yet.

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