back to article Linux Foundation projects on AI and data merge – because one of these concepts simply can't exist without the other

LF AI Foundation and Open Data Platform Initiative (ODPi), until now two orgs under the Linux Foundation umbrella, are merging to become the LF AI and Data Foundation, a home for projects devoted to AI, machine learning (ML), data, and analytics. The new foundation was unveiled at the Open Source Summit Europe, which is of …

  1. EnviableOne Silver badge

    Faid a way

    Missed a trick, Should have been called the Foundation for AI and Data

  2. iamsteve03

    It’s important to “validate against robust criteria” and create a broad sweep of ideas. Then, go through and validate capabilities. Some of the questions to ask include: is there research activity relevant to what you’re doing? Is there work in one domain you can transfer to another domain? Has somebody done something in another industry that you can use or in an academic context that you can use?

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