back to article Dotcom era data wrangler Tibco to buy Information Builders, reportedly for a whopping $1bn

Six years after it considered putting itself up for sale, dotcom era data wrangler Tibco is set to buy Information Builders, a privately held data management biz with a 45-year history. Counting Lloyds of London, General Motors and FedEx among its customers, Information Builders has a legacy in data integration crossing …

  1. RM Myers

    Information Builders

    Aw yes, my first serious exposure to a 4GL (4th generation programming language) was IBI's Focus, a very powerful tool for certain applications (report writing, small databases) as long as the data and user base wasn't very large. But boy was it expensive. My former employer ended up moving all their Focus applications to other languages due to the million dollar plus annual fees. But it sure beat using RPG for reports with multiple levels of summary..

  2. Robert Grant Silver badge

    As recently as September, Gartner hyped the vendor as a "visionary" in data quality and integration, recognition likely to be greeted with scepticism, but recognition nonetheless.

    The timing of this will not be a coincidence. Neither will the timing of the purchase of some new Porsches by Gartner execs.

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