back to article HPE bags $160m to build 550-PFLOPS super for Europe out of tomorrow's AMD Epyc processors, graphics chips

HPE will build a Cray EX supercomputer for scientific and AI research in Europe, using AMD Epyc processors and GPUs, it announced on Wednesday. The behemoth dubbed LUMI is expected to top 550 peta-FLOPS of performance at FP64 precision at its peak, or more realistically at least 375 PFLOPS when running workloads. It will be …

  1. circusmole


    ...HPE. It will be late, over-budget and will not function as specified. Not sure about the Joke icon :-)

  2. hoola Silver badge

    Why should it be?

    HPE are very good at HPC clusters and the Cray purchase further improves their capabilities. Cost particularly for these sorts of projects tends to be fixed as they are based on grants, you get what you are given and no more.

  3. Lars Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Cooperation is king

    Still is.

  4. MacroRodent Silver badge


    "Lumi" is also Finnish for "snow".

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