back to article The hills are alive with the sound of Azure as Microsoft pledges Austrian bit barns

Microsoft has announced yet another cloud region, this time in Austria. As is ever the case, Microsoft has not said where the facility will be or detailed its disposition, or revealed said when it will open. But it has said that the facility will bring Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform to Austrian soil …

  1. IGotOut Silver badge

    6 nines?

    The way they are going lately, two nines is going to be a push

    1. Strahd Ivarius Bronze badge

      Re: 6 nines?

      For German speaking countries, balloons will be used for sending data to the cloud, up to a maximum of 99 red ones.

  2. Psmo Silver badge

    Not sorry

    Raindrops on rooftops that drip through my systems,

    Continuous deployment has dropped all my routings

    Active Direct'ry not answering pings,

    These are a few of my scariest things.

    Worksheets in Excel reformatting data,

    Fixes o'erwritten with buggy new features,

    Windows deployed in a sequence of rings,

    These are a few of my scariest things.

    When the boss shows,

    When the phone rings,

    When the user's sad,

    I think of a few of my scariest things,

    And I need a driiiiiiiiiink,

    So bad.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      I'll See Your Not Sorry, and Raise You a Who Cares, Psmo, when Billions are as Peanuts from Monkeys

      Nine nines invested, some would say, is barely just enough get one through the door into the rooms with round tables dealing with a quite divine and even alienating COSMIC Intervention ...... Rooted in Routes to Heavenly Delights and Hellish Attractions* ..... but such is not a cheap fix you can pick up from any of the bevy of institutions hosting politically inept charlatans and intellectually bereft fraudsters which ply their wares for manic mass media mogul presentation and sublime prime time audiovisual communications to try and realise as a future concrete fact that which is primarily designed to capture and imprison highly effective and attractively disruptive imagination.

      And that's as easy as herding cats is, and just as wise. :-)

      * .... displaying Future Heavenly Event AIMaster Pilot Programming for Projects Passed for Universal Presentation and Virtual AI Realisation. ......

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