back to article COVID-struck holiday rentals firm Airbnb shacks up with ex Apple design honcho Jony Ive in multi-year deal

Jony Ive’s design firm LoveFrom has inked a deal with the app-that-takes-a-cut-of-users'-holiday-rentals Airbnb in a multi-year “special relationship,” the short-term gig economy rental platform said today. This comes at a difficult time for Airbnb, which has seen revenues and bookings plummet in the face of diminished …

  1. Danny 2

    Covid down the chimney

    Nicola Sturgeon was just asked about Santa at her daily Covid briefing.  I kid not, typical tough Scottish media questioning.  She said Santa would still deliver presents because he is deemed an essential worker.

    Any half way intelligent bairn knows Santa is a potential super-spreader and would be terrified.  And any newly impoverished parent will be scunnered that she's ruined that excuse.

    1. katrinab Silver badge

      Re: Covid down the chimney

      Finland is on the list of countries you can travel from. Delivery workers are allowed to continue their work, but have to leave the delivery on the doorstep and step back 2 meters to allow you to pick it up. So no coming down the chimney to deliver it inside your home.

      The problem is that he will travel through a lot of different countries, and in many of them there will be a two week quarantine before he can continue his delivery round. Then there will be a two week quarantine on his return to Finland at the end of the round.

      1. EvilGardenGnome

        Re: Covid down the chimney

        Only problem is he's from Canada, eh. His workshop has a dedicated postal code (H0H 0H0). Since Europe just blocked us from traveling there, parents have a new excuse!

        1. Dave 126

          Re: Covid down the chimney

          Lapland is in Canada now?

          1. RM Myers

            Re: Covid down the chimney

            You sir, must be on the wrong side of the Atlantic. Those of use on the right side of the Atlantic (which, of course, is the left side. It's 2020 people, up is down, small is large, tall is short, etc.) understand that Santa lives in the Great North (true north, not magnetic north, but I digest, and pick my teeth), where real men are lumberjacks who cut down trees, skip and jump, and do other things best not mentioned.

            1. NATTtrash

              Re: Covid down the chimney

              ...where real men are lumberjacks who cut down trees, skip and jump, and do other things best not mentioned

              # I cut down trees, I wear high heels

              # Suspenders and a bra

              # I wish I were a girlie

              # Just like my dear papa

              1. RM Myers

                Re: Covid down the chimney

                As I said, other things best not mentioned.

                By the way, other than the dead parrot sketch, that may have been my favorite piece of Python "code".

  2. Chris G

    Heeeeerrreees Jony!

    At least there may be plenty of work for plasterers and builders, rounding off all those bedroom corners.

    1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      Re: Heeeeerrreees Jony!

      And they'd only rent rooms to people who are matchstick thin because the new rooms are only 9mm wide. Fatter people would be told that they are 'holding their breath wrong'.

  3. Keven E

    " ... honcho Jony Ive ... "

    All I can see here is... Jon Bon Jovi

  4. Gene Cash Silver badge

    Whelp, that's the last time I rent an AirBnB

    What the hell does a rental company need an internal design team for?

    I guess they're just spunking the money away, I guess their prices are 50% higher than they should be.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Whelp, that's the last time I rent an AirBnB

      They're not exactly a rental company- they provide an interface for renters and rentees to find and rate each other, and possibly engage in some dispute resolution etc.

      That said, I have no answer to your question. However, the discipline of design is largely a study of how people behave, and how they might behave.

      That can be also applied to the behaviour of venture capital-rich companies - use capital to gain market share against some future monopoly and profit.

      1. Dave 126

        Re: Whelp, that's the last time I rent an AirBnB

        I was just thinking about the processes involved in managing an Air BnB property - some owners clean houses and wash bedsheets themselves, but many will employ a cleaner and take bed linen to a nearby commercial laundry. Some of these laundries will have their own pick up drop off service. There are processes here where a bit of thought has the potential to make things easier.

        Some customers might desire a quirky and interesting property for a weekend, others might just want a simple place to stay where they can easily work out how to operate the shower, the TV and the coffee machine.

        It used to be good form if, when staying in a holiday rental, one uses the local shops, cafes and pubs. These days some villagers would rather out of towners stay in their rental property and just have food delivered to their door... does AirBnB act as a portal to local services? Can the AirBnB interface act as a repository of local information left by the property renter?

        Dunno. Just musing.

  5. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    AirBnB property owners...

    There'll be a new release of 1 Acacia Street every season.

    AirBnB property owners will be forced to redecorate, get new furniture and carpets.

    Broadband Routers will need to be replaced too, can't have a BT HomeHub in summer, too gloomy.

    1. Chris G

      Re: AirBnB property owners...

      "new furniture and carpets"

      Presumably only from the B'n'B store.

  6. You aint sin me, roit

    Generate some publicity...

    Airbnb not doing much because of covid.

    Ive not doing much (possibly because he believed his own hype).

    Airbnb get to announce a tie-up with a world-renown designer... but don't ask what he's going to design for them.

    Ive gets to announce to that he's still wanted, by a semi-respectable, mildly "disruptive" company.

    TLDR: look at us, we're still relevant.

  7. Joe Gurman


    ....only work correctly if you hold them in a particular way, too.

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