back to article Vivo Las Blowers: Chinese smartphone brand hops into Europe's crowded mobe market

Another month, and another Chinese mobile behemoth is trying its hand at the European smartphone sector. This time, it's the turn of Vivo, which just released a slew of devices, including its X50 5G flagship. The X50 5G serves up the usual upper-mid-range fare: a relatively speedy Snapdragon 765G platform, 8GB RAM, and a high- …

  1. 0laf Silver badge

    A gimballed camera. Sounds interesting. Also sounds like something that might break

    1. ThatOne Silver badge

      Well, if you drop the phone, I guess more than just the camera gimbals will break. As for normal use, given phones are commercially supposed to live one year, I guess it will start dying at the same time as the non-replaceable battery.

      But I agree, it sounds interesting.

  2. StrangerHereMyself

    Brands and subbrands

    What I find stupid about these Chinese companies is that they have so many brand names. And some brands even have sub-brands (such as Oppo's Realme sub-brand of Xiaomi's Pocophone sub-brand). How are you going to get potential customers to recognize you when you have so many brands and sub brands out there. It's also a complete waste of marketing money because you have to spend a lot more money with less return.

    This is the third BBK brand entering the European market. Do they really think they can hoover up even more customers with yet another brand? More likely it'll cannibalize market share from Oppo and Oneplus is my guess.

    1. Dave559 Bronze badge

      Re: Brands and subbrands

      It sounds like the sort of widespread and wide spread product listing that you find on ${well_known_shopping_site}.

      If seems that every time you search for a given type of product, the found results end up containing what look like 3 or 4 identical products, supposedly from 3 or 4 differently named companies (most of whom have names that seem to have been pinched from the Countdown consonant-and-letters play board), all of which are priced approximately the same (give or take one or two ${currency_units}).

      I assume the plan is that these products occupy 3 or 4 slots in the first page of search results, rather than just one slot, and therefore knock rival products to subsequent result pages, increasing the likelihood of purchase of one of these products (which I strongly suspect are all just relabelled versions of exactly the same product from the same single manufacturer behind the scenes, in reality?).

      1. StrangerHereMyself

        Re: Brands and subbrands

        It sounds to me that the Chinese aren't really experienced shoppers, they buy things on a whim and don't care about the quality or manufacturer's track record.

        We, in the West however, are very quality conscious and prefer to buy brands we know and trust. Most people here select specific brands when they shop, caring less about the latest features or novelties.

        Seems to me the Chinese have a lot to learn. Things that work in China won't work in the West (and maybe vice-versa).

        I believe the Chinese will eventually become more like Western consumers, caring more about quality and brand satisfaction. This will force Chinese manufacturers to focus on one brand and to improve quality, not just in the hardware but in the software also, which is currently their weak spot.

        1. Youngone Silver badge

          Re: Brands and subbrands

          I have heard a marketroid call Chinese consumers* "unsophisticated" as they seem to be easily lead.

          There is a luxury brand retail outlet near me which is full of cheap tat, priced as if it is high quality merchandise, and they limit the number of suckers customers they let in at one time.

          The people in the queue outside are exclusively Chinese.

          * Generalisations about any group of people are just generalisations, of course.

          1. StrangerHereMyself

            Re: Brands and subbrands

            Unsophisticated was indeed the word I was looking for.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    the wife has just got a new job after being made redundant in march, thanks covid. She works in Pharma but the new job is in medical device (ventilators and non-invasive masks etc so should be secure!) but for the first time in 20 years she's not getting a company issue mobile she gets £350 every 2 years to buy a mobile and she'll get a SIM or a SIM can be given and she can use her own phone with the companies MDM installed (so thats NO thanks to that!) Anyway off I trot to source her a phone, don't want to go too cheap as it'll be dog sh1t so not going under £100. Anyway most things "reasonable" are £150 upwards, but here's the thing everything is Chinese.

    Honor (huawei)






    There's the odd Nokia and Samsung but the whole market segment is pretty much Chinese. Anyway went for a OPPO A5 2020 for £145, so get to pocket the £205.

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