back to article Dutch telco KPN goes its own Huawei, picks Ericsson for its 5G core network

Dutch network KPN has selected Ericsson to provide the infrastructure for its 5G core network. This decision, although inevitable, represents another setback for Huawei, its 4G provider, which had until now enjoyed a long and intimate relationship with the carrier. Under the terms of the five-year deal, Ericsson has agreed to …

  1. Lars Silver badge


    While I don't agree with anything the con man spouts (nor does my stomach) this will of course keep more of the money within the EU and it will also boost the technology here.

    1. Mark Exclamation Bronze badge

      Re: Good

      As an Australian, whose country is currently being pummeled trade-wise by China, because we "hurt their feelings", poor little diddums, I agree with any country or person who chooses to use stuff not made in China. I try myself, but it is really difficult as most stuff is "currently" made in China. However, it does seem to be becoming a little easier as we in Australia wean ourselves off our untrustworthy trading "partner".

  2. big_D Silver badge

    It's okay...

    It's okay, Huawei. Vodafone still loves you.

    They sent us a new Huawei router for our new fibre connection this week.

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