back to article Nokia snuggles up with Google Cloud as it aims to switch off on-prem servers within next two years

Nokia has inked a five-year deal with Google Cloud to migrate its existing IT infrastructure away from on-premises iron to the ads-and-software juggernaut. Neither party has disclosed the terms of the deal, but it is understood the Finnish comms provider will avail itself of Google Cloud's storage, compute, analytics, and AI/ …

  1. Spanners Silver badge

    Perhaps the aim...

    If I was Nokia, I would want to have as little to do with Microsoft as at all possible.

    It sounds like an example of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". I believe the originator of that saying came to a sticky end...

    1. MacroRodent

      Re: Perhaps the aim...

      As it happens, Nokia like so many other big companies is already completely tied to Microsoft for ever and ever with Office 365, SharePoint and Teams. I don't believe the Google deal changes this.

  2. RyokuMas

    Nokia - the soap opera...

    Sounds like something straight out of soap-opera land: jilted party jumps into bed with their ex's business rival...

    Now, I don't watch soaps myself (better things to do with my life like watching paint dry, updates install etc), but from my understanding, the usual follow-up to this plot line is that "ex's business rival turns out even worse".

    Say what you like about Windows Phone, but at least it pretty much came to an end before Microsoft decided to try and steal the "tracking" chapter out of Google's playbook...

  3. Gene Jones

    Because the cloud can never go down, right?

    Microsoft 359 and other outages have proven otherwise.

  4. CrackedNoggin

    So will this help with security costs?

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