back to article Atlassian sprays more machine learning over its cloudy BitBucket, Jira, Confluence wares

As one of the pandemic winners (in terms of customers), Atlassian is keen that all those newly remote workers sign up to its cloud services and to that end has waved the machine-learning wand over more of its wares. The Trello-maker said today it was pushing more machine learning into its cloud product lines. The company had …

  1. D.A.

    Maybe if they’d fix the years-old bugs and the feature requests that have been festering in their backlog for years (or almost a decade) it would be more useful...

    1. -tim

      I'm guessing they can't even find the old bugs because they are using their own system. I know I can't using their systems. After we moved everything to them, we are looking for alternates.

  2. teknopaul

    Less "smarts", where I work Jira needs a little blue pill: so it stays up longer.

  3. ChaosFreak

    Yeah, but...

    Yeah, but you still can't sort comments newest to oldest on JIRA's "New Issue View".

    Instead of working on "AI", Atlassian should tackle the mountain of bugs and missing features on their community forums.

    Nah, that would only make users happy. Announcing fake "AI" that makes investors happy!

    1. Ben Tasker

      Re: Yeah, but...

      I moved to JIRA ages ago, and quite liked it.

      Then, a new release came out, and it was an utter, utter disaster - everything changed and seemingly for no good reason.

      So, I restored my backup and stayed on the old version. They made a new release, so I stood up a "test" server and used a free trial, saw it was the same and skipped it.

      Then they split out into JIRA Software and JIRA service desk. Which was problematic as I was using mine for both.

      Had a look a JIRA cloud, same bonfire of usability.

      Didn't both renewing support when it came up, and the same old install sits and runs in a VM (which is now very, very isolated from the rest of the world).

      IMHO they had a decent product, with some issues, and rather than fixing those issues they fucked it. And now they're adding AI in rather than fixing the years of crap they've piled onto it.

  4. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    I used to like Atlassian

    The company had nice products, good support and clear communication. The it went on a spending spree and Javasript binge and decided that existing users no longer mattered.

    Fortunately, there are alternatives. As I prefer Mercurial to Git, I moved my open source stuff to Heptapod. Workflow takes a bit of getting used to but otherwise it has all I used to have and more.

  5. hoola Silver badge

    Jira improved by "Machine Learning"

    It all depends on the machine, I suspect that whatever they do it will never improve Jira, only make it worse and encourage more pen-pushers to try and make it do something it was never designed to do.

  6. Chris McKay

    Machine Learning will surely fix all the bugs!

    I'm sure one of the first "productivity features ... based on the user patterns" that will appear will be a seamless reversal of your entire confluence document being converted to headings for no apparent reason.

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