back to article DigitalOcean decides to head rivals off at the PaaS, floats App Platform to deploy, run code without juggling servers

Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider DigitalOcean dipped its toes into the Platform-as-a-Service waters on Tuesday with the launch of App Platform. IaaS, which involves companies renting basic computation components like servers to customers, who supply the operating systems and software, is a market now dominated by giants …

  1. AMBxx Silver badge

    Hack attack

    Only time I seem to come across digital ocean is in the log files on my web sites firewall. Seems to be used exclusively to host dodgy stuff.

    1. doublelayer Silver badge

      Re: Hack attack

      It's certainly smaller than a lot of other places, so you're less likely to see it if you just look at who runs the servers for everything you use. However, it's worth looking at all the other attacking IPs in your logs, because they're going to represent a lot of the internet. It's really easy to try automatic logins on your site, and people will use any cloud service, VPN, or botnet to let them do it. Unless some provider makes a point of not taking down the systems of people who are particularly malicious, they're just like any other provider. To the best of my knowledge, DigitalOcean is usually quick to respond to abuse requests and is not at all a bulletproof service provider. People use it when launching attacks because it's cheap and convenient, which is basically the same reason someone else might choose to run things there as well.

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "try its hand at a PaaS offering"

    Okay. We have seen Azure fall over, we have suffered AWS fall down, and Google Cloud occasionally skips a work day as well. Given that these three are the behemoths of the industry, backed by companies that have tens of billions on their account, what makes you think that DigitalOcean has a snowball's chance in Hell of giving you a platform that is in any reliable ?

    If you really want to go Cloud, given how much trouble the top tier has, I think it would be suicide to go with a runner-up.

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