Important reminder on IoT security..

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  1. Sampler

    Important reminder on IoT security..

    Saw this on the BBC:

    Had a good laugh, thought I'd share..

    (Technically, would this be a denial of service attack?)

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  3. TahmidHolt

    IoT security

    Hi, I want to buy a wifi home cam, but I 'm very concerned about the security of my data stored in the internet. Can those cam be hacked ?

    1. Ben Ksryan

      Re: IoT security


      if you are looking for a secure cam, you should look into ones that don’t store video on the cloud. If you are looking for a specific product, I can share the link to the cam we are using.

      My experience is that it’s very secure – all video is stored in the camera and can be decrypted only by your phone, in case your camera gets stolen. It’s pretty cool that cameras are now as secure as online banking. This is our cam: We just recently changed to it, previously had the cam with no internal storage.

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