1. Conundrum1885

    Data salvage


    Anyone else have an ST3000DM1 in an external MyBook thats failed?

    I am after a spare unit or for that matter just the external USB3 control board, as it seems that for any chance of recovery I'll need to clone it to an identical geometry drive.

    Similar firmware would help here so NOS may be an option.

    I'd just send it for recovery but the problem is not so much the data's value but classification level.


  2. navyasri

    What is the use of ConnectionStrings__AzureWebJobsStorage?

    After the deployment of an azure function I stumbled over the configuration setting ConnectionStrings__AzureWebJobsStorage. It seems to have been auto deployed and has exactly the same value as AzureWebJobsStorage. I have read about AzureWebJobsStorage, but what is the use of ConnectionStrings__AzureWebJobsStorage?

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