back to article Nvidia unveils $59 Nvidia Jetson Nano 2GB mini AI board, machine learning that slashes vid-chat data by 90%, and new super for Britain

Nvidia on Monday launched its first ever virtual GPU Technology Conference, taking place online over the course of this week across multiple timezones. The coronavirus pandemic forced the graphics processor giant to cancel its in-person tech event normally held in Silicon Valley. Although the location of the conference this …

  1. Warm Braw

    Automatically constructing and animating your face

    How could that be potentially detrimental in any way?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Automatically constructing and animating your face

      To conceal when the other person is lying !

      Would like it to be tried during the next Presidential debate !

    2. NeilPost

      Re: Automatically constructing and animating your face

      It’s somewhere between really cool and Deep-fakery.

    3. Beeblebrox

      Re: Automatically constructing and animating your face

      "How could that be potentially detrimental in any way?"

      Better still, why bother? Live stream from Voyager I may have bandwidth constraints, but there's nothing with a face there.

  2. UK Jim


    "The next SuperPOD project is the Cambridge-1 behemoth, planned to be Britain's most powerful publicly known supercomputer"

    Umm, no:

    "ARCHER2 will have a peak performance estimated at 28 x 10**15 FLOP/s" (,than%20the%201964%20Cray%20supercomputer.)

    vs "eight petaflops of Linpack benchmark performance" (your article).

    So Archer 2 is 3.5x more powerful on a the disliked, but standard, measure of HPC machine performance. (And, Archer 2 is "publicly known")

    1. Andy The Hat Silver badge

      Re: Wrong!

      but how much AI compute power does Archer 2 have? Not saying you are wrong but you are potentially comparing apples and tangerines ...

      1. AlgernonFlowers4

        Re: Wrong!

        Are you talking about Jeffrey or Sterling?

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Wrong!

        yep not comparing like with like

      3. UK Jim

        Re: Wrong!

        TBH I don't care how much AI power it has. There is a well defined measure of High Performance Computing performance (which we hate, but there it is), and if you claim to be "Britain's most powerful publicly known supercomputer", and then quote a position on the Top500 and a Linpack performance number then you are explicitly using that definition. (Which, here, does not support the claim of being the UK's top machine).

        If you want to compare "AI power", then that's fine, you;'re very welcome to do that, but whatever you claim there is not comparable with any measure used to evaluate and rate the top supercomputers.

        If there was an "AI500" list and recognised AI benchmark to use to rate machines then claiming a position in that is fine. But the claim that performance on FP16 (or BFP16) is comparable with double-precision Linpack is just wrong.

        Or, if you prefer: you are absolutely right, NVIDIA is making an apples to tangerines comparison, and that is what I am objecting to!

  3. werdsmith Silver badge


    Some of those kB / frame bandwidth numbers weren’t all that much better for the AI reconstruction version.

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