back to article Plane-tracking site Flight Radar 24 DDoSed... just as drones spotted buzzing over Azerbaijan and Armenia

Popular plane-tracking website Flight Radar 24 has been the victim of multiple DDoS attacks over the past few days – and though the site's operators haven't attributed blame, some have wondered if a regional conflict may have been the cause. Flight Radar 24, as its name suggests, is a website for the live tracking of air …

  1. IGotOut Silver badge


    "DDoS attack from a single source."

    That does not compute.

    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      "DDoS attack from a single source."

      Single mastermind of the attacks is our interpretation. As in, someone in particular has it out for the websites; it's not a group of people coming together with a shared dislike.


      1. IceC0ld

        Re: "DDoS attack from a single source."

        Single mastermind of the attacks is our interpretation..................

        It's Turkey

        trying out the whole Imperial expansionist bollox around a century too late, which would put it bang on the button for the actual time line IN Turkey :o)

        Lovely country, the people fantastic, had a property there for years, never any issue at all, but the regimes attempts to bring both religion into the state, and make Turkey appear 'relevant' are making for strange bed fellows

        Turkey is a large country, Russia is a really big neighbour, and even though they are cosying up to the Russian military markets, they still want to stir the pot as it were in the region, anything that causes instability there, is going to be considered good for Turkey, as they can then be seen as the 'good' guys, trying to settle everything down

        check out their attempts in Syria, nothing to do with helping Syrian's, everything to do with continuing the extermination of the Kurds

        and then there is their new found fascination in the eastern Med, trying to make out that the seabed really needs mapping, and that they really need to do that bit right next to Cyprus in great detail ..........

        just an odd time for them to be doing so many weird things, that were not part of their outlook, even ten years back

        Turkey has always had this military mindset, was one reason why all civilian flights in and out came at night, so you couldn't see the revetments and all the other military personnel there, they class the BEACHES as a military area, have armed guards patrolling them, we shared mini buses with heavily armed patrols on occasion, some thing you never seen in Northern Ireland for example

        so yea - TL/DR

        it's Turkey :o)

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: "DDoS attack from a single source."

          Is it about the Kurds, or their land for the Ceyhan pipeline?

  2. H in The Hague

    Drones on Flight Radar 24?

    "Open source researchers claim to have picked up the live flight tracks of drones over Armenia and Azerbaijan"

    Would anyone using an unmanned aircraft for something nasty leave the transponder (which Flight Radar depends on, despite the name - I think) switched on?

    1. $till$kint

      Re: Drones on Flight Radar 24?

      Hanlon's Razor should be considered.

      Planefinder also had a bit of borkage earlier today - showing nil aircraft for a period around UK lunchtime

    2. hoopsa

      Re: Drones on Flight Radar 24?

      Seems to me that the people doing these things may not necessarily know how FlightRadar works and are simply taking no chances.

    3. Maelstorm Bronze badge

      Re: Drones on Flight Radar 24?

      I was reading on their website how it works. Looks like they do use primary radar (radio echolocation) as well as several different types of transponders. Never even heard about this site until I read this article.

      1. Flywheel

        Re: Drones on Flight Radar 24?

        According to the web site, Flightradar24 combines data from several data sources including ADS-B, MLAT and radar data. It seems they are able to track certain military traffic, but not all. They key here is the ADSB (and latterly MLAT) coverage - much of this is provided by hobbyists such as myself (I'm with Flightaware) who host cheap ADSB receivers often using Raspberry Pi and continually send data to a central hub. It would be practically impossible to take all those down so DDoS'ing the central site makes sense.

        1. Flywheel

          Re: Drones on Flight Radar 24?

          Looks like Flightaware was also affected.

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Drones on Flight Radar 24?

          Doesn't your client buffer data if the site is down?

          I can think of a few reasons why you would want to go on a military jolly with your transponder on, but this theory doesn't compute:

          * Surprise factor? The air navigation services in the area concerned do not rely on FR24 (duh!) but on (usually) their own infrastructure. In addition, militaries also keep their own independent watch, with detection (but not traffic management) capabilities that exceed those of the civilian service. There is both redundancy and procedures to deal with outages, aside from things being (usually) adequately protected to start with. So no surprise factor.

          * Deniability? Everyone who collects data is still collecting it. If it's not uploaded straight away it'll just get uploaded a bit later, but you're still being recorded as it were.

          Can't see how this makes sense.

  3. jake Silver badge

    Here in Sonoma and Napa, California ...

    ... we've been using FR to monitor fire fighting aircraft. It's kind of handy to know when a DC10 is going to buzz proceedings at 200 feet when loading already skittish critters into trailers ... The outage was more than mildly annoying, but radios picked up most of the slack.

    1. Maelstorm Bronze badge

      Re: Here in Sonoma and Napa, California ...

      Ah, so you're from the same area that I'm from. Solano County here. And yes, we are getting all your smoke.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    a regional conflict may have been the cause

    Russia supports Armenia and sells arms to Armenia and Azerbaijan. Turkey supports Azerbaijan and supplies it with arms (did anyone have any debate about banning drones in conflicts?) and to spite the Russians. France supports Armenia against Turkey because of Libya, genocide of Armenians 100 years ago, and some vague French interests in east Mediterranean (oil in Libya and gas off Cyprus, etc.). Russia supports Turkey against the Kurds in Syria, and Turkey supports Russia in Iraq against the Kurds and Americans, and because S400 and because little Hitler. Georgia supports Armenia because it's against Russia which is against Georgia, but supports Armenia. Likewise Ukraine, against Russia over Donbass and Crimea. Are we supporting Ukraine over Crimean war or over annexation, by the way?! And Cyprus supports at least one of the sides of the conflict this week, recently, against Turkey. But only the Greek part of Cyprus, of course, because Greece and Turkey are military allies, but don't like each other over the Ottoman empire, and a few other bits (Nicosia, anyone?). So, it's potently evident, that the usual suspects for the ddos is Israel, which supports Azerbaijan, at least as long as they keep ordering Israeli drones. Don't ask me, why Azerbaijan should buy Turkish drones and Israeli drones, rather than our drones and why should a Jewish state support a basically Islamic state. I guess Vatican secretly ships arms to Armenia, because holy war, etc. Popcorn please! :(

    1. ortunk

      Re: a regional conflict may have been the cause

      Haha! Kudos

      Yeah I was trying to explain the same to my ftiends all around and they looked at me with blank eyes

    2. Claverhouse Silver badge

      Re: a regional conflict may have been the cause

      (did anyone have any debate about banning drones in conflicts?)

      No-one wanted to spoil Obama's Terror Tuesdays.

  5. Jan 0 Silver badge

    > a Turkish F-16 fighter jet reportedly shot down an elderly Armenian Su-25 Frogfoot ground attack aircraft. It may be elderly but this is one of the most armoured aircraft in existence. Is it that most of the armour is concentrated on the underside, or did the F16 have some exceptional weaponry?

    Mind you, this site: says it was a Mig-29!

    1. Cederic Silver badge

      Being "one of the most armoured aircraft in existence" merely means it's mildly more sturdy than your local farmer's 30 year old Defender. That's not going to do much against a 20mm gatling gun, let alone when a heat seeking missile takes off the tail.

      In support of your linked article Turkey have denied this action. However, given Turkey's history of lying about killing Armenians their denial has no credibility and if Armenia responds with military action against Turkey I will not want the UK to treat this as an attack on NATO.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        I will not want the UK to treat this as an attack on NATO

        What, you don't wanna die for Istanbul?!

      2. Jan 0 Silver badge

        Is my local farmer going to war in her pea viner?

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