back to article Kioxia, the artist formerly known as Toshiba Memory Corporation, postpones IPO

Kioxia, the flash and SSD fabrication artist formerly known as Toshiba Memory Corp, has called off its initial public offering due next month, citing stock market volatility and the coronavirus outbreak. The proposed listing price for the shares was due to be released today, ahead of the 6 October flotation, but instead the …

  1. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    So that's why Asda now sells Kioxia USB memory instead of Toshiba! I was wondering.

    I bought some (USB 3 spec); they seem adequate.

  2. Wormy

    "Adequate" is a good word.

    Kioxia - Most of their stuff I've played with is not overwhelming, not really underwhelming, pretty much just whelming. Or "adequate" as the previous poster said.

    1. GruntyMcPugh

      Re: "Adequate" is a good word.

      'whelmed' thankyou,... it's a linguistic oddity that some words are only ever expressed one way, like 'gormless', you'd never say someone was 'gormful' or whatever, and now you have opened my ears to 'whelmed', which is never 'just right' it seems.

      1. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

        Re: "Adequate" is a good word.

        Going by the dictionary, there seems to be not a great difference between "whelm" and current use of "overwhelm". It is when everything is under the rising water level, either way. Or to look at it another way, my cup brimmeth over?

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