back to article Samsung throws more frugal followers a bone* with cheaper Galaxy S20 Fanboi Fan Edition

People don't buy flagships like they used to, and you can blame that on coronavirus or the rise of budget-friendly brands like Xiaomi. Regardless, a huge part of consumer smartphone spending is shifting downwards so Samsung has unveiled its latest not-quite-a-flagship device: the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. trashy * If you're …

  1. johnfbw

    5G for £699

    But it won't be on sale...

    1. Andy Miller

      Re: 5G for £699

      I read the phrase "Samsung only plans to release the 5G model in the United States" several times, trying to reconcile it with the UK price for the 5G version. I think they might mean "Samsung plans to release only the 5G model in the United States". Maybe?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I like the Donald Dumpster

    1. Rustbucket

      To complete the resemblance it should be on fire.

  3. overunder Silver badge

    I'm beating a dead horse, but...

    "Flipping the device exposes the phone..."

    I think that is why flagships don't sell, phones have become nothing more than a flipable device for your pocket. They're not wedding rings, family heirlooms or irreplaceable items. Sure, they do much more than a wallet, but I bet you still have more sentiment for your wallet and maybe your favorite shirt.

    All that I typed just beats a dead horse as you already know the reasons why they don't sell, but why don't these billion dollar companies? They always come up with excuses, but I guess there's no harm in denying trying.

    1. DavCrav Silver badge

      Re: I'm beating a dead horse, but...

      "All that I typed just beats a dead horse as you already know the reasons why they don't sell"

      I already have a phone and this is the same, just a bit better*?

      It's kind of the same reason I don't buy a new car every year.

      * For example, the screen is probably not smashed.

      1. Dave 126 Silver badge

        Re: I'm beating a dead horse, but...

        Samsung have had no business from me in the last couple of years - because they built their S8 so solidly ( and I've kept it in a big case and glass screen protector. )

        They might get my business again in future.

  4. Dave 126 Silver badge

    Worthy of note is that this phone, like the Gaksxy S10 E, doesn't have curved edges to its screen. Many users prefer the flat screen, and it makes it easier to attach glass screen protectors ( the use of which renders which flavour of Gorilla glass it uses largely moot). It has an optical under-the-display fingerprint scanner, which has the potential to work with a glass screen protector more reliably than an ultrasonic unit, but it'd be sensible to wait for reviews.

    It has a plastic back, which again, some users claim to prefer.

    Another area of cost cutting is that screen is not as high resolution as other Galaxy models. However, its native resolution is what many users of pricier Galaxy S models actually run their phones at in order to save battery (or because they've neglected to change the default setting).

    Could be a popular choice. However, the full fat S20 is likely to be discounted in a couple of months, if Samsung behaves as it has in previous years.

  5. ManMountain1

    I used to be desperate for the next best new phone every year but now I'm rocking a 2 year old Samsung Note with a smashed screen (which has been smashed for a while). Anything that exciting has been done so the improvements are so minimal to be barely interesting.

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