back to article Nokia rolls out midrange 5G mobile, but will struggle to fight off Motorola and pals. Plus: New platform for suits with bulk-ordered SIMs

His gender politics are questionable. He drinks like Gazza. Put him behind the wheel of a sports car and watch him break every rule in the highway code. We could be talking about any number of Silicon Valley tech execs, but we're actually referring to famed fictional Brit spy James Bond, who will be touting HMD Global’s latest …

  1. doublelayer Silver badge

    Connect Personal? Maybe?

    I wonder if this Connect Pro option will be available for small businesses with only a few devices, or in other words, just people. Having scanned their current site, it's low on specs about how the service works and what it costs, but I wonder if it will allow the use of devices without the typical charges for connection from mobile providers. I've previously considered trying to use mobile connectivity for systems that might need it occasionally, but each time I've been dissuaded because the pricing from providers makes the idea less tenable. I'm happy to pay for usage, but what I'd rather not do is pay a bill just to keep a line open even when it's not getting used at all for long periods. Here's hoping that they'll update the site with more details later and this really allows people to have multiple lines without paying extortionate charges for things that don't get used.

  2. David Haig

    Where is the 7.3?

    That is all....

  3. Blackjack Silver badge

    5G will take years to be fully implemented....

    And 4G is not going away. So I don't think I will get a 5G smartphone any time soon. I am okay with my Nokia 1 wven if it was way faster with Android 8 instead of Android 10 and the phone auto-updated without me being able to say no... no I am not bitter why are you asking?

    1. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

      Re: 5G will take years to be fully implemented....

      Depends on where you live and your carrier. T-Mobile has a lot of 5G on long range band 71 in the US.

    2. GruntyMcPugh Silver badge

      Re: 5G will take years to be fully implemented....

      I'm in no rush for 5G either, I'll adopt it once it's on commodity level phones and I really need a new handset. In lockdown, I'm not using my mobile that much as I'm WFH. I don't commute on the train any more, and I wouldn't be watching HD Netflix if I still did, I like to relax in a comfortable environment to do that, on a big telly, with a glass of wine and a dog to fuss.

      What I really want,.. is more phones with a stylus. The new Note series are just too expensive. I'd consiter a Moto,.... but there are features I'll miss about my Note4, the IR blaster in particular.

  4. Dave 126 Silver badge

    > This uses the antiquated MicroUSB format, which doesn’t support proper fast charging.

    MicroUSB doesn't support the USB C Power Delivery spec, but it is capable of supporting any proprietary fast charging method the phone vendor cares to implement. Samsung's MicroUSB Galaxy S7, for example, shipped with a USB A wall charger that, upon detecting a compatible device, would up the voltage to around 9v for fast charging. It behaved the same if connected to a USB C Galaxy S8.

    I'm not supporting the use of MicroUSB - I'm just being technically correct - which is the best kind of correct! ;)

  5. Insert sadsack pun here Silver badge

    Paul Gascoigne is a mentally ill alcoholic. Poking fun at the self-important and powerful is part of the reason I love El Reg, but mocking the afflicted is uncool.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Too late & Too expensive.

    Current offerings for Chinese 5G handsets are between £ 200 and 300 (except the flagships - why would anyone buy a flagship 5G when services is so patchy and scant ?).

    My sweetspot for 5G handsets would be between £150 to £200, with handsets offering all the possible bands.(5g is only another chip on the motherboard and shoudnt cost the earth ). And would like to use it as a home BB modem/hotspot with an unlimited Data Sim in it. Thats the whole point of 5G, isnt it ? Speed and capacity. It was touted as a home BB replacement many moons ago, but networks now balking at further investemnts to fully implement it. 5G needs more masts and antennae to penetrate and give signals everywhere (costs money).

    It is the networks that are dragging their feet in not investing in the necessary infrastructure to make it mass market. They are also sitting on unutilised spectrum for ages. (criminal, in my opinion, without monetising it).

    For conspiracy theorists: It is a ploy by the landline BB providers in ensuring slow rollout for 5G to protect their revenue streams. (looking at you BT and Virgin). Its been their cash cow for ages. Why disrupt a captive market.

    Offer the product (5G) and handset prices wil come tumbling down. And I would like ot thank the Chinese in advance for this to happen.

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