back to article Moonshot: Making spaceships with Microsoft's refreshed HoloLens 2 nerd goggles

Microsoft will spread its eyewear for the wealthy (or corporate sponsored) across more countries, and has said it is seeing action in NASA's repeatedly delayed mission to the Moon. While astronauts don Varjo VR headsets for training on Boeing's calamity capsule, the CST-100 Starliner, Lockheed Martin has gone down the HoloLens …

  1. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    Meanwhile in Boca Chica

    SN7.1 finally pops.

  2. Bitsminer Silver badge


    and the latest incarnation has seen some tasks completed 90 per cent faster, according to Shelley Peterson, Lockheed Martin's principal investigator for augmented and mixed reality.

    And I have some oceanfront property in Outer Mongolia to sell you too.

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: LM

      Obviously those tasks are cherry-picked, but it sounds plausible. If you're building something for the first or only time (as opposed to a production line when workers have a chance to become more efficient on each subsequent build) then how much time is spent referring to the specs as opposed to actually welding a spanner? Quite a bit.

      Even when helping my nephew build a brand new Lego model, most of the build time is spent looking at the instructions, finding the correct part from amongst others, and then verifying said part against the instructions to make sure it's a ten-knobbler and not an eight-knobbler. These tasks are amenable to being aided by an AR system.

  3. Wellyboot Silver badge

    Touch Wood !

    >>>"The fact that we haven't had any errors across all of these activities is phenomenal,"<<<

    May I refer you to the Apollo 13 build error that occurred a couple of years before NASA underwent a significant emotional event.

  4. Ceyarrecks

    Micro$soft making spacecraft? rather suggests the theme song from Pluto Nash: "♫♪Bluuuue Mooon,...♫♪ of Death. BMoD.

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