back to article Another body for the Google graveyard: Chrome Web Store payments. Bad news if you wanted to bank some income from these apps

Google has decided to shut down the Chrome Web Store payments API permanently after what was supposed to be a temporary closure at the start of the year. In January, the internet advertising biz halted the publication of Chrome apps, extensions, and themes in the Chrome Web Store that were either paid-for or took in-app …

  1. Jamie Jones Silver badge

    "Today, there is a thriving ecosystem of payment providers offering a far more diverse set of features than a single provider could hope to. "

    Bollocks. You could say the same about the android app store, but you still force users to use your own payment system.

    Chrome apps were a horrible back anyway. They were a way to get around the shortcomings of the ChromeOS "everything runs in a browser" premise.

    The security baked into ChromeOS is good. If they actually allow sandboxes apps to run, and ditch the browser-centric UI, then coupled with the already existing Android integration (windowized android apps) , they'd be onto a winner.

    As it stands, OS configuration, even the SSH terminal are shoehorned into browser tabs. The obvious problems with that exist, not to mention the completely different UI for browser Vs android (and it's not due to touchscreen emulation.. The Android mouse interface does that well)

  2. Jason Hindle

    No wonder Apple is killing it

    From tablets, to messaging, to apps vs web apps, to Android vs ChromeOS, Google looks like an incoherent and unreliable partner at best.

    1. Dinanziame Silver badge

      Re: No wonder Apple is killing it

      I think you have it backwards; Google is killing a lot of stuff because nobody's using them. It's the first I even heard that there was a payment API for the Chrome web store...

    2. katrinab Silver badge

      Re: No wonder Apple is killing it

      Most of us figured that out a long time ago ...

  3. chivo243 Silver badge

    Everything is in Beta

    until they kill it! Google News was far superior 3 years ago, now it is crap, remind me what is lower than crap?

    1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

      Re: Everything is in Beta

      I wonder if we will see an announcement in a few years time that Alphabet is discontinuing Google because they will have developed a more efficient (profitable) advertising mechanism. The corporate policy seem to be to release an app (e.g. Google), figure out the best way to extract everyone's data and profit from it, before moving on a a more profitable theft.

    2. Blackjack Silver badge

      Re: Everything is in Beta

      I am still angry about Hangouts.

    3. Muscleguy Silver badge

      Re: Everything is in Beta

      Methane is lower than crap, it still stinks and it warms the atmosphere worse than CO2.

  4. bazza Silver badge

    Memo to Self

    Picks up pen, carefully scrawls, “Never use a Google service for something that matters for more than a week or so”. Underlines. Blots, ink dry. Puts it in a 4 foot wide picture frame painted nuclear pink, attaches a long life battery to the “Important - take note and heed” klaxon, switches it on and hangs it on the wall.

    Oh there doesn’t appear to be room. The wall is chock full of other 4 foot wide nuclear pink picture frames with exactly the same memo already on display.

  5. Jamie Jones Silver badge
    1. Barry Rueger

      Re: Keeping tabs ..

      Step by step I've been moving everything possible out of Google. My email is hosted by my Web host. Contacts and calendar are in Nextcloud. I simply aren't prepared to risk anything to Google 's "here today, gone tomorrow" business practices.

      Now is there some way to get them to kill off the truly excreble Google Docs?

      1. Muscleguy Silver badge

        Re: Keeping tabs ..

        I haven’t disabled Docs on my phone, just in case someone wants to do a document with me. But nobody has. Now I know why.

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