back to article UK Ministry of Justice dangles £20m, seeks paper-free payroll services – this time for the judiciary

The UK's Ministry of Justice has put out market feelers for the second time in three months in what could amount to a £20m deal, this time for a new payroll system. The government department published the market-testing tender notice asking for help dealing with payments to judicial system staff last week. The "Prior …

  1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Such a system would hold PII about court staff in general as well a judges. This should be rate as particularly sensitive as at any one time there will be a number of toe-rags who'd quite like to pressure someone in that position. I hope this will be taken into account when awarding the contract but suspect not.

  2. TimMaher Silver badge

    Kienzle 2200

    With mag stripe cards, eight inch, soft sectored, diskette drives and the monthly payroll should do it.

    Drag them into the last quarter of the twentieth century anyway.

    1. UCAP Silver badge

      Re: Kienzle 2200

      Too fast, too fast. Dragging them forward 200 years is far to fast!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    what could possibly go wrong!?

  4. UCAP Silver badge

    Payroll system for the judiciary ...

    ... not a group you want to piss off by getting their allowances wrong

  5. IGotOut Silver badge

    Really odd.

    I've, until recently, had paperless payroll for close on 20 years.

    Moved to a new job and got a wage slip. I was stunned and didn't know what to do with it....make a paper plane?

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