back to article It's been a vintage year for bug bounty hunters, says HackerOne as it boasts of $40m+ passing through its treasure chests

Bounty-hunting hackers are uncovering new vulnerabilities every two minutes on average, according to bug bounty platform HackerOne. In its latest annual Hacker Powered Security Report, the platform said it had paid out aroud $45m in bug bounties to individual "ethical hackers" - folks who prod around for security …

  1. cb7

    It's a shame they haven't turned a profit yet.

    There's a lot of shit that can unravel the more bugs go unfixed.

  2. c1ue

    $45 million sounds like a lot until you realize that ransomware payments are probably exceeding that per month - maybe even per week.

    Ryuk average ransom asked jumped to almost $400K.

    Throw in BEC, credit card fraud, PII sales - I think the pay to be bad is still a lot better.

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