back to article By the beard of Zeus! Arm takes another tilt at serious servers with SVE-capable 96-core Neoverse V1

Arm is taking another serious tilt at server silicon with new designs that incorporate the Scalable Vector Extensions (SVE) beloved of HPC and machine-learning types. The Nvidia-stalked chip designer's newest offering is the Neoverse V1 – code-named Zeus – which will offer up to 96 cores per socket, all with SVE support. Arm …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Solving the wrong problem

    It's not chip feature/function that will make the difference for ARM. It's having a consistent and widely adopted* systems architecture so that software can run anywhere without extensive redesign (see for example the work Fujitsu had to do to get Lustre to be effective on its newest supercomputer).

    And if ARM doesn't make that happen, maybe AWS will do so by default...

    *Yes, there is an architecture. No, it's not widely adopted.

    1. Roo

      Re: Solving the wrong problem

      Not sure that the problems Fujitsu addressed for their Fugaku beast are going to apply to many other ARM based systems as it's a very different kind of machine from a typical Server/ARM box (HBM2 main memory, Tofu network for comms vs Ethernet etc).

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