back to article Remember those Salesforce layoffs after that bumper Q2? Yeah, forget that, SaaS player set to hire 12,000 staff

Just weeks after Salesforce reported huge Q2 profits only to lighten the company payroll by more than 1,000 staff, the badass of CRM software has now said it plans to hire 12,000 or more people over the next year. In a tweet, CEO Marc Benioff declared that he was in hiring mode. “Salesforce will add 4K jobs over the next 6 …

  1. Al-Noor Ramji

    Reminds me of a cult.

    In the UK the same old public school and ex EDS duffers have been hired at the top of SF UK, who implement their usual classist hiring policies, anyone with any remnant of a working class accent will be turned down or treated badly if they are forced to hire them.

    Plenty of virtue signalling hires of ethnic minorities, females, and gays, and yet those who parents were white working class, no matter how educated or talented, get openly discriminated against in hiring, promotion, etc.

    So they had a good idea for keep the CRM in the cloud, and after Oracle let Siebel go off the boil after buying it, they have been lucky. Its also very sticky to make it so hard for clients to get data back out if they tire of SF for any reason.

    Perhaps the biggest indicator of their culture is the promise to all interviewees that they will pay travel expenses to the interview, but then they only follow through and pay out for people who are actually successful at interview. Again tends to act against anyone from a working class background.

  2. JaySeb

    Up and down and up and down and...

    Too bad companies can't plan 3 months ahead. So the regular Joe always pays the bill... Sad management.

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "CEO Marc Benioff declared that he was in hiring mode"

    Does that mean that he'll be hiring back the 1000 people he fired ?

    If not, how will he justify firing 1000 people and then hiring 12 times that ?

    I know all about creative accounting, but Jesus, this is creative employee management. There are supposed to be laws about that.

    1. Psmo
      Paris Hilton

      Re: "CEO Marc Benioff declared that he was in hiring mode"

      If he tries it in France or the UK (two jurisdictions where I know the law), if he claimed financial reasons for the firing he needs to be careful not to hire similar posts without giving the newly fired some sort of opportunity.

    2. Cederic Silver badge

      Re: "CEO Marc Benioff declared that he was in hiring mode"

      Well, what happens in large companies is that different people do different jobs requiring different skillsets.

      Sometimes you have a surplus of people in one role and a shortage of people in another. So you put the people in the first role at risk and advertise for the second one. If the people at risk have the skills required for the second role and would like to do it then they can change role without losing their job. Otherwise they're invited to pursue their career elsewhere and people are brought in to do the second role.

      It's pretty standard across any well run business.

  4. David Bird

    Look at me

    while (shareholders_rule and my_bonus_is_important ) {

    "I'm firing - proves I can keep a lid on costs"

    "I'm hiring - proves that the business is expanding and prospering"


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