back to article Russians charged for $16.8m crypto-coin heist, but traders warned their cash is only as safe as their security is tight

A pair from Russia have been indicted for stealing nearly $17m worth of cryptocurrency. US prosecutors allege that Dmitrii Karasavid and Danil Potekhin did everything from phishing and spoofing to price manipulation to make off with $16.8m in internet scrip. Prosecutors claim that the pair would use phishing emails and fake …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Preaching to the Converted...... for Playing to SMARTR Audiences with Novel Virgin AI Mindsets

    US attorney David Anderson also reminded cryptocurrency traders that they're not exactly dealing in the safest of markets. "My warning to the public is that digital currency exchanges are not like banks."

    Indeed, quite so, Mr Anderson, they are nowhere near as bad and bankrupting or as totally corrupting and subversive as to warrant such a phantom public warning ..... which does have one wondering on the hidden agenda festering in the field there.

  2. David Roberts


    Isn't this what will be used in the soon to be released Track and Trace App?

    1. iron Silver badge

      Re: BLE?

      No, no, that's Blustering Liar Energy which is in no way suceptable to Bluetooth exploits because it is ephemeral.

    2. RM Myers

      Re: BLE?

      BLE means "branch if less than or equal to zero".

      These kids today, don't even know their assembler languages.

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