back to article Flashy tabs and no Flash: Apple rolls out Safari 14 to macOS Catalina, Mojave users

Ahead of the macOS Big Sur launch, Apple has released Safari 14 to the general public, granting Mojave and Catalina users access to the company's latest browser. Many of the changes in the browser update are skin deep. The tab bar, for example, is redesigned to show more open pages, and displays favicons by default. Users can …

  1. Jan 0 Silver badge

    Mail UAs nn iOS14

    Now, how long will it be before Mutt* appears in the App Store?

    Thanks, by the way, for the pointer to the "slightly naughty" installers.

    * OK, I can and do run it in a terminal emulator, but a one touch solution would be nice.

  2. macjules Silver badge


    Almost forgotten that I still have Safari installed. Stopped using it many years ago in favour of Firefox dev on desktop and FF Focus on mobile.

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