back to article Strap in for the wild ride that is A failed legal battle, millions of dollars on the line... and that Yo! app

The man who claims he was screwed out of ownership of one of the internet’s most valuable addresses – – has lost a critical appeals court ruling. He reckons the battle’s not over yet, though. Here's where we're at: Adam Perzow was trying to sue Moshe Hogeg in California in a row over the ownership of the dotcom, …

  1. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    "I will claim dominion"

    Is that a "how lawyers talk" thing, or is it a "weird people and happenings" thing?

    1. Alister

      Re: "I will claim dominion"

      Sounds a bit Game-of-Thrones to me :)

    2. vogon00

      Re: "I will claim dominion"

      Usual business BS. Did have some use though...the word 'dominion" got me to "To the clown, it is known as Dominion", which took me to here, and a pleasant evening's listening.

  2. c1ue

    What a sordid tale of a scam artist. And I don't mean the guy who lost the lawsuit...

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