back to article Aerospike drags mainframes kicking and screaming into the modern world by feeding their data through Apache Spark

In-memory NoSQL database Aerospike is launching connectors for Apache Spark and mainframes to bring the two environments closer together. Following on from the release of Aerospike Database 5 in May, the idea is that IT teams can use Aerospike Connect to get data from existing transactional systems hosted on mainframes and …

  1. Julz Silver badge


    What ever happened to Aerospike engines?

    1. Sceptic Tank Bronze badge

      Re: Non-sequitur

      They didn't work.

      1. Jim Mitchell Silver badge

        Re: Non-sequitur

        They work, just not well enough.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    With every major release Community edition has more and more limitations

    Aerospike is cutting down features / adding limitations in every major release for Community edition.

    In 4.0 they limited max number of namespaces and number of servers

    In 5.0 they limited max database size.

    Therefore Aerospike might be good if you can buy and use Enterprise version, however for projects that you expect to run on Community edition we don't recommend it anymore.

    1. cookieMonster

      Re: With every major release Community edition has more and more limitations

      In fairness, they need to make a living.

      Free is great, but you can’t pay your bills charging nothing.

      I used their stuff at the very start, thought it was really good, but manglement decided on other tech.

      For devs wanting to know the product, what they offer is fine, however if you want to run a business, you need to pay.

      It can be tough if you are starting out, but you can’t expect stuff like this for free.

      1. josepowera

        Re: With every major release Community edition has more and more limitations

        It's absolutely nothing wrong with not adding anything when you release another Community edition.. However cutting down existing features version by version? And from 3 to 4 they also removed previous source code.

        Anyway ... Aerospike is great product, it's just the trust you loose when you loose another finger of your hand every release.

        And before using Community edition you must fully understand what being without a durable delete means... You restart cluster due to power loss and deleted records reappear.

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